September 2012, Suning’s $66 million acquisition of vertical electric red child, the desire to bring the red child remnants of maternal and child market rich platform category. After less than two years, Suning group implemented a major strategic adjustment for the red child.


May 2014, red child ten anniversary press conference held in Beijing, Su ningyun group vice chairman Sun Weimin, Suning red children’s general manager Pan Min, Suning red children’s new deputy general manager Yang Fei attended the press conference.

at the press conference, Su ningyun vice chairman Sun Weimin announced a major strategic adjustment on the red child, red child to become a group of new independent company, led by the maternal and child category and apparatus, 3C will be racing together bridle to bridle, as Suning three driving carriage of self, to support the development of key. Pan Min announced that in the next 1 and a half months, the red child will be the largest ever promotion and series of activities to celebrate the birthday of ten and opened a new chapter. Familiar with the red child, seems to be back.

why is the red child?

Suning with electrical 3C to create a huge business empire, with a strong line of store resources, Suning moment no two. In the domestic environment, a class of belongs to the late start, but relying on the strong resources Suning Empire, also can achieve rapid growth. On the other hand, emphasis on electric appliance market, make the development of Suning bound hand and foot, let the game and in the Jingdong caught weakness (Liu Qiangdong forced the line under the same price). Under this background, Suning helpless to seek mergers and acquisitions, and actively expand the Tesco platform category, Suning red children and fit the story from the start of this period.

the past two years, platform is still not found third support points, forced into the price war industry. In 2013, also moves frequently, while maintaining the advantages of self at the same time, a high-profile launch of Su ningyun open platform, and put forward the strategy of Suning wings, in order to get rid of price war problems, seek more support category. However, for now, Suning’s troubles are still not resolved, Suning a bit annoying.

Suning advantage in large home appliances category, what kind of people will buy a variety of disposable appliance? Is married or just married people. What do these guys do next? Honey, make people, buy diapers. Suning is capable of monitoring and analysis to this group, Suning to maternal and child category can leave this group of people, let them in the continuous consumption of

in recent years, release the second is increasing, and will be followed by the great maternal consumption market. Suning as traditional retail giant, do not want to give up the meat and potatoes. As China’s earliest start, the most professional maternal and child electricity supplier brand, compared to other platforms electricity supplier maternal category operations, red children can meet this demand. In the two years after the merger, Suning red children and doing "platform +> wildly beating gongs and drums