generally speaking, e-commerce platform is the result of the decline in the network marketing. This has become a common understanding of the majority of customers and the industry, why this phenomenon? We are as follows:

1 first search engine itself will put an end to this phenomenon.


search engine is more aware of the fact that they are also a for-profit company, not a government or nonprofit organization. In essence, search engines do not want to appear on the network is very powerful industry or e-commerce platform website. Too powerful website itself is a challenge to the search engine, a variety of website content is complete, you can make a lot of people daily do not need to use search engines, browsing in this powerful website content inside it, not to mention the site might have been embedded in the internal search engine, even when

the internal search engine to a certain extent strong enough to challenge the professional search engine. So in general, whether it is said that the battle of Baidu and Ali or Google farmer algorithm, in general, is the result of this intrinsic motivation.

unfortunately, with the increasing content of the Internet, search engine usage and energy are increasing dramatically. In the search for a lot of products before the keyword, you can see a lot of links to e-commerce platform, and now see only a small number of e-commerce platform to pay the link. (we often see e-commerce in the search engine above for keyword advertising, but who have seen in e-commerce platform search engine advertising? It shows that the search engine is powerful.


2 e-commerce platform itself


e-commerce platform itself is profit maximization, he is the inquiry of what needs to be done, whether it is a true customer inquiry group the most convenient, or indulge false inquiry, even hire false inquiry. I think this situation is more or less exist. In many cases, the customer is only sent to a company inquiry, but through the background of e-commerce platform operation, it becomes more than 10 suppliers sent inquiries. So the feeling is that the quality of inquiry is getting worse and worse.

3 customer base itself problem

a few years ago, because we may put some e-commerce platform and the success you have achieved today, also look like before the result? Impossible! Our previous success may not be secure, whether internal or the edge of e-commerce platform. E – commerce platform is very sure that you will be a success story, especially in the industry. So we must be on the e-commerce platform, in the face of more and more peer competitors. This is also one of the main reasons for the reduction of inquiry and the reduction in quality of inquiry.

4 information more and more in-depth

a few years ago, we might not even have a website