Taobao’s attitude is comparable with the original speculation Sanlu, gradually develop one eye character, big things are enjoying an C2C when the first throne, let it is fall, the trouble with the efficiency of public relations also come to nothing. Rampant speculation in the store with the Taobao pole for comparison, that is a look at the lie, but there are still people who really do have for gospel truth, Taobao store? For at least the next 10 years remains to be seen, the most concern is the rural market (rural migrant workers are a lot), how to solve this large group net? How many people get some data through Taobao what users, how many does not explain what the problem is. A simple example of Taobao is a centralized department store market, in addition to the price of some products have more advantages, while the rest is some good role as roadside goods found in Internet users perspective, so what the anti Taobao union is also normal.

sold as genuine goods

regardless of the city or countryside will appear in the XX brand of counterfeit goods, these goods have imitation grade: A, B, C as a cargo of goods, belonging to the high imitation goods, the distribution of these fake goods in rural market and low consumption market etc.. Don’t talk about it from the rural market, the city’s low consumption market is a large cake, the foreign trade enterprises are manufacturers, the mantra: Chinese is the largest piracy market, defined it, then Taobao is piracy trading platform the largest department in the market.

through the Adidas, Nike is normal, a piece of clothes on 1000 yuan in its brand value, in fact the quality and those a little difference, the key is the vulnerability, breeding a large number of fake products are processors, sales, sales channel is so wide, coupled with the rapid development of the Internet, online sales is logical but, Taobao has become the retail hub, the Alibaba into the camp wholesale.

, Nike and Adidas met in There are plenty of people who can see, Taobao provides Adidas, Nike business team teams in a row, more creative in the commodity picture or emphasized 100% authentic Internet users in order to eliminate the doubts, but there are still buyers asking "is it true is also imitation". These provide a stream of imitation goods even with no address, only the "XX XX building XX room", and these are mostly brand sales shop "XX road XX, XX, Adidas, Nike’s shop" and other brands have so many individual agents in the Taobao


suggested that the implementation of a unified audit standards for businesses, not only the number of users like a swarm of bees and do not care about the user experience, similar to the factory Weihuo can be sold, but don’t follow the pace of Baidu on the back of a cover for counterfeit products, gray industry, without state approval of the drug had appeared in the search the results, so building the "Taobao search" Baidu search and then what is the difference? In the netizen’s values are of the same mould like Baidu.