sina science and technology news January 23rd afternoon news, Alibaba held in Hangzhou in January 21st 2015 Ali service providers annual meeting. Alibaba group chief operating officer Zhang Yong at the meeting made a speech on the trend of electricity providers.

Zhang Yong said in his speech from PC to wireless, from the physical to the service, from the line to the line, from the domestic to the international, is the future development of the electricity supplier of the four trends. (


following Zhang Yong speech record:

service providers friends Hello everyone!

is very pleased to be here today. I heard a lot of people come before, I also looked at the list, I did not expect to arrive at the venue was shocked. This reflects the prosperity of our ecosystem, but also reflects the desire to do a good job in service, in the ecosystem to find new opportunities for a desire.

There have been many changes in

over the past year the electricity supplier industry, "double 11" today has no what to say, although today there are a lot of people ask me, I do "double 11" has been sixth years, saying numbers have no meaning, the key is we want to talk about what is the the trend of the development trend of electric? Where our advantage in where, you will be able to find customers and find our service value.

electricity supplier four trends and changes

I would like to share with you, I saw the entire electricity supplier industry is changing in four areas:

the first change is near the end, that is, PC to wireless, this need not say more, PC to wireless change is every business, every service providers are in the process of. Consumers migrate to the wireless, and today all smartphone users, the main position of online consumption has turned to wireless.

but today can be said that the change from PC to wireless, consumers than businesses, the service providers have to be more comfortable. But on the other hand, it’s a great opportunity.

Alibaba after the listing, we can see the earnings data for each quarter, regardless of the proportion of wireless, wireless access frequency, can reflect: the entire migration trend has been completed. There will be more young consumers and rural consumers, as they become intelligent Internet and wireless Internet users, will also bring new force to online consumption. How businesses and service providers to respond to such changes, we will be able to do as a platform for all service providers to provide more open, better tools, basic services better? We have a lot of work to do it, but there is no doubt that PC wireless is an irresistible trend, but the future will go more and more thoroughly.

second, when we talk about electricity providers today, not only to buy clothes, buy a cell phone, or buy a lottery ticket. Electricity supplier has been involved in all aspects of life, involving all areas of consumption in the broad sense. We can see that from the physical to the service, the electricity supplier to the explosive development of new