annual earnings season to the electricity supplier (special reading) industry is still in the low level of collective fermentation.

Jingdong mall 2016 Q1 earnings announcement, Jingdong mall shares fell 7% on the day. Reported that during the reporting period, the company’s net revenues of 54 billion yuan (about $8 billion 400 million), an increase of 47.3%. Operating loss of 864 million 900 thousand yuan (about $134 million 100 thousand), operating loss of 822 million 600 thousand yuan last year. and’s

status is not optimistic, either increase or average trading volume showed a downward trend. Decline in the demographic dividend has become a problem faced by the electricity supplier industry.

in this context, the electricity supplier on behalf of the operating company had to explore a new path.

days ago, Bao Chun Qiu electricity supplier CEO Wen Bin in an interview with reporters in twenty-first Century economic report revealed that in 2017 2014 the electricity supplier brand market size of about $120 billion, and this figure will be 379 billion dollars, now reached three times the size of. At present, the entire electricity supplier industry in the growth is indeed encountered a bottleneck. How to break the status quo, the need to rely on the power of traditional brands to drive." He said.

public information, Alibaba and Softbank is the two largest outside shareholders LUNYUAN, including Ali before IPO held 23.5%, IPO shares 18.2%, 10% of the voting rights; Softbank holds a 17.8% stake in IPO, holds a 13.5% stake and 7.5% of the voting rights in IPO.

Bao Chun electricity and beauty beautiful makeup are based on the Alibaba platform electricity supplier on behalf of the operating companies, and Alibaba holding.

according to the introduction, in 2014, the cosmetics market Chinese brand electricity supplier market accounted for about 10%. Treasure respect the current partner has more than and 100, including PHILPS, Nike, Microsoft, Panasonic, HUAWEI phones, etc.. Beauty beautiful makeup has more than and 60 partners, including Maybelline, MaxFactor, Schwarzkopf, Lancome etc..

, however, seems to be behind the high turnover, electricity providers on behalf of the operating company’s profit is not optimistic. Bao Zun electricity supplier fiscal year 2015 total net revenues of $2 billion 598 million, net profit of 22 million 600 thousand yuan, up losses.

, a lot of big brands in the past two years began to unify the management of online and offline channel inventory, direct supply rate has been growing. However, the current electricity supplier industry participants are highly fragmented, uneven levels, is not conducive to the overall ability of the industry to upgrade and rapid development. Most of the participants are limited to the ability, or limited to experience skills, the goal is relatively short, is not conducive to the long-term development of the industry." Chou Wenbin explained. Brand does not need to open a large number of offline stores, you can easily access to the end user, thereby reducing the cost of channel expansion. Thousands of shops in the past to be able to cover China, now only need to achieve a brand image