as a platform for B2B2C, we all scratch the scalp to attract sellers buyers come in. How to attract sellers our platform, or we can do to attract them to


is currently in addition to high-profile call cost free stay, do, do gold cross-border logistics integration these ways, I have some ideas that can not the method of class struggle, but the effect can be achieved. Can share with you:

comes from the masses, from the masses to

business platform should be open, sellers can sell ads on their own shop layout, not only limited to the seller platform to pay, then can "own" the shop put "own" advertisement. As a big seller, hot buyers, he has a lot of traffic, platform providers should encourage them to make traffic, use their traffic to make money, that is, we can sell the advertising field to third parties. By the platform, the seller points out the ad.

, especially in the case of China’s fierce competition in the seller, the seller to provide more channels for profit is very important. The idea is similar to Google’s concept of selling advertising, and Amazon has begun to have a seller’s advertising service.

brokered the sale of interactive

I think the relationship between the seller if it is co opetition (co-opetiiton), it would be more ideal, and now the electricity supplier for the data is still not open enough. For example, the seller of socks, did not know that his customers to buy his socks, but also to buy someone else’s pants. The seller only knows how good his socks are, but he doesn’t know what his customers like, but the platform knows. At this time the function of the platform appears, he can provide this information, the two sides, to do interactive sales, the words of the transaction, to the other side into the way to encourage cooperation.

online, we know that when we go to the department store to buy clothes, we will go to the food street to eat, watching movies, will also go to coffee shops and other movies began. But in online, we become blind, we think they managed to earn traffic, refused to split, unwilling to share with others, this caused the Seller cost, because what the buyers want to buy, he wanted to sell, but also lack of expertise.

in other words, big data open, not a commodity data open, not tell the seller, those goods sold, analysis of large data is important, is the consumer shopping data, consumers buy my product is to complete what. Consumers buy socks in order to dress up to keep warm? In order to exercise functional type?

to help consumers to complete things, it is the seller to understand the point, which in the Harvard professor Clayton, Kristen’s work is also repeatedly emphasized the concept of marketing. Just provide consumers a few years old, is a man or a woman, where to live is not enough. In the end the seller in the transaction, for consumers end