the guests the universe is often active in the forum of A5 and YY, is more "hateful" is in the Taobao A5 YY channel (the guest host: YY channel number 96009188, every Thursday night, 8:30) also found a girlfriend, seems to have the ability of people where will shine. The universe is frozen in Amoy slowly began to go on the road of Taobao, has achieved good results, what to do when the network is not late, good execution, to refuel it.


: Hello, thank you for your time to pick out the interview when we have a chat freely. When did you start Taobao


universe: know Taobao time is relatively long, in 2011 when the registration, the real operation is 20 in March 2014.

Guanghua: what is the reason to do Taobao? Before has done other


universe: the original is Taobao customers, later businesses, to help businesses and promotion, part-time operation, 2013 double eleven Taobao customer end account freeze. To the Spring Festival after the business shop, don’t I do, that I do not, I is a kind of indomitable spirit, so I have to open their own.

: so don’t Guanghua Road, so when do part-time operations have achieved good results


universe: part time operation is a Tmall franchise store, which I took over the shop only seven or eight single day, so I took over a week after the day to reach the more than and 20 single. Their flagship store is in the more than and 40 day, I put into the flagship store, the main product is the flagship store operators forced off the shelf.

Guanghua: very good grades, at your own shop is an operation like


universe: their shops began smoothly, shelves is the beginning of a single brush do evaluation, also do not know what kind of explosion? What kind of flow? 3 days later began operation orders, a style slowly came out.

to second weeks, when I was going out to play with the mobile phone to read, the more than and 10 single, I wonder how can there be such a list, see all traffic is Taobao category, on the outside can not see do not know how it is, you are not students the time frame is really ah, I see the shelf time.

: it seems that the explosion is Guanghua tested, under the frame of time is very important for


universe: Yes, I think the most important thing is to do a small seller bright spot, is the shelf time, evaluation. I was lucky or, more than a month on the drill.

Guanghua: too modest, not just luck, do not have their own preparation and efforts, there is no such luck? So the supply problem is how to solve it?

universe: we store the supply problem for.