basically did not find the feeling in the electricity supplier in the field of Baidu, this would like to take advantage of the concept of sea Amoy try another

sea Amoy to the extent of the concept of fire to the fire has always been in the layout of the investment to slow a few steps Baidu have shot.

October 20th, WeChat public news release, Baidu is at a price of $200 million, the acquisition of a company called "new global purchase" sea Amoy startups, but the news was immediately denied that the company founder Zhang Zhendong. But the money is actually just a statement: "curiosity daily" learned from Baidu, the company recently has indeed completed boluomi investment.


founded in March 2015, is taking the buyer, in direct mail stationed overseas home ideas, common sales category is also scouring the sea beauty, maternal and child supplies and snacks, and said the sales price is "Dian tou price". In order to let you boldly buy, they are still in the process of buying shopping with a live video link, domestic consumers can directly see the whole process, not just a small ticket last.


According to Zhang Zhendong

, had already won a total of two new $13 million investment, the late round investors include "micro shop" investment capital, South Korea become a member of the LG family founded LB Investment. Product App this year after second months on the line, the company’s revenue has exceeded 10 million. Get Baidu’s money, I believe that other countries in Japan and South Korea outside the buyers team to step up the layout.

for Baidu, this may also be its last effort in the field of business: 2008 and 2014, Baidu three has launched its own electronic business plan, one of which is with the Japanese electricity supplier giant Lotte cooperation.

but today, you buy things on the Internet, the first thought is Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong, Baidu is also the focus on advertising to make money companies.