from the fourth Friday of November each year until the following year in January 1st, the time of up to 1 months of "black Friday" (referred to as black) has come. This so far has been 54 years of history of the American shopping Carnival begin in china. Including Tmall, Jingdong, honey bud from cross-border electricity providers are rush 2015 "black five".


in a number of competitors, focusing on the mother and child cross-border electricity supplier honey bud put out their own position, played a unique number of offensive bullets.

bullet 1: I have better

to let promotion honey bud essential nature, in addition to the highest over 199 yuan by 100, shipping over 88 yuan, also launched special milk and diapers and duty-free shops. Honey bud promised not to engage in false discount, really cheap, and launched six large warehouse (Chongqing bonded warehouse, bonded warehouse, Ningbo warehouse and other overseas direct mail) PK, user support storehouse which can vote, in exchange for the corresponding positions around the consumption of red. The red is really effective, past a variety of red profit mostly concept, the user through direct vote, and users linked, targeted stronger, better and more fully use the red envelopes.

It is reported that

CEO, honey bud Liu Nan even in the inside the words: which warehouse support most users, the package most, which give the award cash rewards, the warehouse can imagine, the honey bud "black five" PK will be very exciting.

bullet 2: Baidu and the first joint force

Baidu strategic investment honey bud, naturally with honey bud will have more integration. Because the mother and child is an interface industry, can be connected to the medical, under the education can be connected, the left hand is a commodity, the right hand is the service. Baidu is in the medical, educational and service aspects of deep cultivation, there is an entry level morphology, high viscosity. This tree through Baidu’s traffic, big data and line service, must be able to honey bud this "black five" war considerably. It is reported that the "black five" big promotion, but also in the honey bud Baidu investment, the two sides jointly launched the first attack.

during the 2015 black five, Baidu will open a large flow of honey bud. Because there are a lot of users through the Baidu search for "black five", "foreign goods", then, users to search related goods or keywords in Baidu, click will directly enter the honey bud page, shopping, centralized transformation to achieve flow. This is undoubtedly the honey bud "black five" staking killer.

3 bullets: blacksmith needs its own hardware, self mode, logistics layout of Qi Chongfeng

honey bud with other cross-border electricity providers do not have the opponent is: at present, many of the domestic platform is used overseas C2C mode, and honey bud is the choice of self (80% of the goods are self). In this regard, honey bud CEO Liu Nan explained that the mother and child is a sensitive population, to the children’s things is not sloppy. >