Tencent Francisco July 30th message, along with suning.com, Gome (micro-blog), BELLE and purchase Kuba rise, more and more traditional enterprises in e-commerce market frontier. Research firm iResearch B2C latest ranking statistics show that the top 20 in 3 with a traditional business background (suning.com not included in the statistics), while in the last year but 1 companies on the list.

2012 has entered the mainstream of traditional enterprises, in the economic downturn, with more goods and capital advantages of traditional enterprises to accelerate the pace to enter the electricity supplier, in 2013 there will be more traditional business background surfaced, the pattern of the market China e-commerce will change.

2011 U.S. e-commerce sales ranking in the Amazon, Staples and apple to occupy the top three, traditional enterprises occupy two seats; Netfix, Macy and Walmart as the three largest corporate rankings, traditional enterprises occupy two seats again. In the top fifteen rankings, more than half of the traditional brands and retailers, compared with 2010, the traditional business in the electricity supplier sales accounted for a further increase in the rankings.

in Chinese this trend is more obvious. With the background of traditional enterprise business enterprise, after half a year to one year after the dormant period, the winter capital in 2012, by virtue of the traditional enterprises in the capital, goods, supply chain and other advantages, gradually began to force, accelerate the expansion of the brand and category. Suning.com has become a comprehensive business three; the country’s electricity supplier website in the field of 3C top three. BELLE International Holdings operations and purchase online shoe becomes a leader in the field of shoes.

launched last year, and purchase online shoe city as an example, it is more than 4 years behind the success of Li electricity supplier adjustment and trial and error. From the self official website, opening a flagship store in the Tmall platform to build B2C platform, and purchase online shoe "backed by a good shade tree" first mover advantage, BELLE early on the goods, money, quickly staking, integration Bianzhen after BELLE electric obviously well prepared, less than a year has become the electricity supplier in the field of dark horse.

for the semi standard shoes, goods selection and quantity prediction is particularly important, with rich experience in purchasing BELLE footwear buyers, and purchase online shoe can more easily solve the problem encountered in the footwear B2C. In the footwear resources, BELLE international as the "shoe king" independently operates more than and 10 domestic first-line footwear brands, the largest domestic or international brand sports shoes and apparel agents, the two part resources can ensure excellent purchase goods, and make excellent purchase unique advantages in replenishment more links.

electricity supplier in the most concerned about the Maori, with BELLE’s shoe brand goods supply advantages, excellent purchase can keep the higher gross margin in the category, which also makes excellent purchase with better goods structure, its profit node can come earlier. Compared with suning.com and Gome Kubba, and purchase online shoe to the traditional business advantage in the field of electricity providers more most incisive play.

at the same time, in June a wave of price war anniversary, Suning and Gome appliance >