modern society, people’s health in the table, there is always a way from the depths of the mountains or remote rural authentic. In order to satisfy the people to the original life demands, have such a team, adhere to the beginning of the heart, good governance, open up a connection between the city and rural township goods train".

this is the rural network of team members. They travel over land and water, carefully selected, the development of a group and a group of rare and safe food Shan villagers, the condensation of the sweat of Shan Tuhuo, known as "township of goods". In order to make it convenient for people to buy goods safely, rural goods network launched the rural direct supply and rural commodity mall, is a good place to go.


here, not only the supply of scarce, delicious local food, also praised the establishment. The concept of healthy green food; here, Xiang cargo net team folks walked into the mountains, field to explore the original ecological ingredients, set up a bridge through the inspirational between country and city, in order to direct the health of primary agricultural products in the city to provide affordable, let the masses eat healthy at the same time, to help farmers in remote areas to increase the economic performance of friends. On line since May 2016 to date, the country launched a total of 45 straight for the project period, the balance of 100 agricultural products selling landmarks visited, more than and 100 across the mountains, led the life of poverty alleviation and development in remote mountainous areas of nearly one million farmers hope.

selection of landmarks, origin direct supply

here, Xiang cargo net team folks, buweijianxian. From the first went into the depths of the mountains find really good food, a sincere heart, have visited the local farmers, communicate and share the local details of quality agricultural products of the landmark season; at the same time, adhere firmly to the health field sampling, the original ecology of the high-quality agricultural products direct supply to City residents.


fresh direct benefit Limin

here, each place to determine the origin of the rural network of the villagers will keep close contact with the farmers. Here, the season season, Vegetable & Fruit dry cargo and other ingredients, the first time the first time picking, delivery to the city; here, not only set up the rural agricultural products and inter city train, also helps to solve the problems in the production and sales of agricultural products.


promotes health, fashion


here, each selling agricultural products development to parity sale, "a country for" acting as a healthy diet habits of the pilot, the promotion of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, not only comply with the natural laws of growth, conforms to the human seasonal nutritional needs. Here, adhere to the quality of agricultural products to be delivered to the city’s landmark households.

actually, after years of precipitation, the country for "always adhere to the beginning of the heart, temper forward.

perhaps, now the country is still not perfect for >