in March this year, quietly on the line of "Tmall overseas direct after months of" make no reply ", and finally in eleven before the arrival of a double movement, not only in the Tmall home page has its own exclusive location (channel entrance), but also as an independent branch of the field in the form of double eleven, and from October 21st to start the pre-sale activities.

billion state power network learned from the "operation of Hangzhou Tmall Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd." Tmall overseas direct, since the line has not done any promotion, in the Tmall home page has no direct entrance and brand show, only through the search keywords to find, so more than half a year time, many people don’t even know it the existence of. This extremely low-key behavior inevitably lead to industry speculation, whether it is waiting for the best time "voice", or another reason behind.

and in all eleven preparations for the double be in full swing, Tmall overseas outlets are faceless. Billion state power network discovery, at present, in the Tmall home page, Tmall overseas direct marketing has its own entrance, has been put in the "international sea purchase navigation page, and the guide of Tmall international city project tied together, playing on the" overseas direct mining sale slogan.


Tmall overseas direct entry in Tmall home page

Click to enter the Tmall overseas direct marketing can be found, it has launched six categories, including baby products, beauty care, food and beverage, home stores, nutrition and health, fashion accessories, each category under the sub category and the corresponding SKU than before a lot of rich. The local brand almost all cross-border electricity providers in recent years very prosperous, as he loved the United States, Hero, Baby, Kose, Kao, Hitachi, Blackmores, cloud nine Lide posture, WMF, Dunlopill, Yamamoto, Chinese Brita, Calvin Klein etc..


Tmall overseas direct home page

overseas direct home in Tmall, has been able to feel its preparation for the double eleven. In addition to issuing coupons, launched the "deposit double cross-border tax" and other activities, it also made a lot of efforts in the display of goods: in accordance with the "world will buy explosion" and "beauty", "Home Furnishing daily", "baby toys" and "a clean", "global food" and "imported health", "winery direct mining", "famous fashion" of the 9 classification of pre-sale area, showing nearly 200 items.


Tmall overseas direct home double eleven campaign publicity


Click to enter the global direct mining site after the page

, in fact, had informed sources to billion state power.