75 million, Taobao to promote the whole network 10 days total sales 7 billion 800 million yuan. Nearly a year, with Taobao in the history of the cattle discount "national berserk activities mad rush to open, the online shopping market to new highs this year. According to Taobao data show that from December 14th to 23, sales of 7 billion 800 million yuan Taobao 10 days, representing an increase of 100%. The highest peak appeared in 21, the daily trading volume exceeded the 900 million mark, reaching $904 million, refresh the record of the highest daily trading volume of Taobao.

single day turnover of 904 million, the most digital fire, followed by women’s

from December 14th to 22, 1000 Taobao gathered Taobao strongest sellers, large-scale discount none other activities, this is known as the Taobao history of the cattle discount "national berserk activities. A total of more than 50 pieces of products, worth about 150 million yuan, profit amount up to 75 million yuan, attracted a large number of consumer panic buying during the whole network daily views of nearly 900 million, Taobao official said, although the activity lasted 9 days, there are still many buyers call satisfied, 23 on taobao.com and temporary decision big promotion postponed one day. According to statistics, from 13 to 23, the whole network during the event hit a total turnover of 7 billion 800 million.

and the highest peak of this year’s Christmas day has also been born. 21, the whole network transaction volume of up to 904 million, a new record of Taobao online shopping. Among them, digital category turnover reached 150 million, turnover of nearly 120 million kinds of women followed. The flow of more than 1 billion people, equivalent to almost one day in the country to patronize a time. It’s an incredible thing to put on any line.

Express single weighing 17 pounds, the seller shipped hand cramps

overnight package, light delivery on hand cramps, the seller can not point to the words of Taobao is not exaggerated, which is a common phenomenon to participate in promotional activities Taobao sellers. Promotion 2 days, a seller’s Express single stacked up to 8.555KG.

with the highest daily record of Taobao released today, the discount event also broke a lot of popular single product. According to incomplete statistics on women’s clothing during the event, sold a total of more than 5 million pieces, more than 800 pieces sold more than 1000 single commodity; more than 500 pieces sold more than 2000 single piece goods; more than 5000 pieces of goods sold more than 30 pieces. The person in charge of the food category, the event, at least until burst more than and 30 single product, for example, 3 minutes 4000 seconds off the pieces of dried beef, 3000 pieces of duck tongue.

reporter saw from the Taobao community, Taobao dealers have posted comment on the activities of the speech, almost all participate in the activities of the sellers want to burst N times every day. Clothing sellers said, "the promotion price is really low, are losing profits, is a popular." Raisin seller said, "Haruki"