[TechWeb] October 12th news reports, the Alibaba group announced that Tmall will join forces with the Hunan satellite TV, on the evening of November 10th launched the "Tmall 2015 double 11 carnival night, 4 hour global interactive broadcast, the famous director Feng Xiaogang will be the general director of the party in the.


Alibaba Hunan satellite TV live double 11 party Feng Xiaogang served as general director

Tmall, Hunan satellite TV, Feng Xiaogang to create the Tmall 2015 pairs of carnival night will be through the multi screen interactive, reconstruction of consumer + entertainment mode of 11. The party will start at 20:30 on November 10th, and in the countdown to meet the arrival of the 11 double zero in 2015.

disclosed the information from the current point of view, this "double 11 Spring Festival gala will melt variety content, Star Games and mobile shopping, consumers can through television, Internet and mobile phone platform, realize while watching the play while you buy.

it is understood that the "double 11 carnival night" by well-known film director Feng Xiaogang sits, director of the party, which is following the 2013 year after the Spring Festival evening, Pingdao again from the director of TV works.

Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong said: "the director is very honored to be invited to Mr. Feng Xiaogang as the 11 of the Spring Festival, we are also looking forward to the cooperation and Hunan TV, for consumers around the world offer Tmall Carnival night."

said this year’s "double 11 Festival", the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said, "this year we are most concerned about is the double 11, global consumers can enjoy the satisfaction in the double 11 service experience, also can have the fun of

Hunan TV sent behind the ace lineup, CO produced by producer Liao Ke, Wang Tian Chen Xinyu, the gold medal team, they not only have rich experience on the show live, innovation and originality of TV show more professional technology.

star guests, the world championships men’s 100 meter freestyle champion Ning Zetao has been the first to confirm the join, and will dedicate their TV show at the party. Party official said: "we will also consider international factors." (rain)