The relationship between

[Reuters], billion state power and Jingdong have recently become somewhat subtle.

According to

billion state power network to understand, after a month of online network, pat Jingdong’s mobile micro shop – pat micro shop will soon officially opened operations based on the decoration and businesses can apply for pat micro shop by

pat Network relevant responsible person said, during the closed beta, pat selected 5000 businesses opened pat micro shop and complete the renovation operations, at the same time, pat Network will also open for all pat micro shop businesses to provide a unified WeChat payment function.

, however, is mixed, pat WeChat, continue to enjoy the dividends in the micro shop business step by step at the same time, may encounter "backyard" situation.

is close to pat Network businesses to disclose billion state power network, the top Jingdong has been in internal propaganda, claiming to be the original line pat Network QQ membership system, to switch to the Jingdong’s membership system.

"is abolished, not integrated." According to business speculation, the instructions are likely to come from the top Jingdong, it can be seen, Jingdong and pat fusion, there are still a lot of variables."

industry speculation, mainly caused by the Jingdong, the user data is still remain in the fear of the pat Network within the Tencent system. Jingdong proposed the motion, but also to strengthen the consideration of Jingdong’s own user system.

learned billion state power network, after Tencent founder pat Network, has the QQ membership system into the business platform, which will be a member of the Tencent system, marketing system, advertising system, integration, virtual currency and other resources and business to get through.

a pat former employee told billion state power network, then the QQ membership system is of vital importance to the electricity supplier Tencent. Tencent in 2008 on the establishment of the QQ member mall, the QQ members and the real kind of online shopping transactions for the first time closely. At that time, the concept of big data is not popular, Tencent is not the starting point for the user to tap or do electricity supplier, but to provide users with a more complete service.

similarly, pat Network and QQ members are inextricably linked. After the merger to the Jingdong, pat the landing on the entrance of the network, the QQ will still be the first landing as a member, and the second member of Jingdong.


new pat network login interface QQ and Jingdong account can log on

"don’t brag that richness QQ membership system regardless of magnitude, level, or around a member of the Tencent established a set of elaborate data model, operation mechanism, marketing system, payment system and brand value are far more than any stage of a B2C electric business membership system." Insiders are not pat, I am afraid it is difficult to understand the value of this system for the future electricity supplier.