with the rapid development of the Internet, the advent of the Internet era, e-commerce center hygienes, electronic commerce center is set up to promote the enterprise website construction of a network marketing team e-commerce center Department Distribution: supervisor, data analysis of electronic commerce department, technology department, editorial department, administrator.

center work, web site promotion

electronic commerce center main work: do the enterprise website promotion (production and construction of network promotion, the official website of the relevant electronic magazine) were posted to Post Bar, forums and other ways to increase the site’s Links, to blog, send some hot news articles in the blog, do our school friendship. Link, network publicity of enterprise website. Increase the enterprise website background traffic.

electronic magazine production.

The analysis of enterprise website

data to monitor competitor dynamic information (including rival network advertising, keyword bidding, online or offline activities, pay attention to the competitor’s website, blog, space, Post Bar, QQ space, QQ group). All to the school web site to promote the work of the center.

technical force

A member of the

electronic commerce center by enterprises outstanding technical backbone, which is a vibrant, dynamic team, they will make a contribution to positive and serious working attitude for college! Enterprises equipped with first-class hardware for the enterprise electronic commerce center facilities, provide a good working environment.

A member of the

electronic commerce center has a high sense of teamwork in the workplace, have their own views on aesthetic ability and generalization ability, can independently complete the production and promotion of electronic magazine website part of the forum.

development goals

use action to solve the fear, with the growth of self-confidence self-confidence


to the enterprise: open up a new network marketing model.

to the individual: learn to be a man, learn knowledge, with unique ideas to the competitive society.

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