years of online shopping as Master, Ms. Chen did not think he was a liar Road, the day before, Ms. Chen south are reporters Baoliao, front Tmall shopping, within one hour, he encountered a liar fraud, by providing buyers one hour before the real shopping information on Tmall, bank card number and password to you the.


reporter was informed that this new scams, such as Tmall in the online shopping platform quietly rising, buyers shopping orders after receiving a phone call, said system upgrades refund to refund the concurrent operation ", to get buyers bank card information. Police remind do not rule out individual criminals through user transaction information collection fraud.

online shopping encounter web fraud

the day before yesterday, Chen in the shop for the name of a large dimensional shopping platform, the main candied dried fruit products, some products in store promotions, this platform frequented Chan immediately by mobile phone orders.

but an hour later, Ms. Chen suddenly received a strange phone man, claiming to be the store customer service staff, because Alipay updates, your payment is not successful, just buy the goods will return the money, but because of system reason, must first do it yourself refund, Ms. Chen doubts, then the man the purchase of goods, payment time, and even the home address read out, in the face of such detailed information, and the other is a refund, Ms. Chen doubts Fang Xiao, and agreed to a strange man with Q Q friends consultation. The strange man in the preparation of the section on upgrading the system encounters an error message sent to Ms. Chen, a web link, and to operate a refund on the page, Ms. Chen found the page with the link to open the online shopping platform refund page was almost the same, and also has its own domain name address label, then fill in the personal data. To fill up personal bank card number and password, Chan renewed suspicion, why banks need to refund the password, so why ask each other to fill in, but the other prevarication has always stressed that the only way to refund.

Ms Chan said he had to operate a refund, but the business is not a direct refund by the operator of such a complex operation, so the excuse is not refundable. Is Ms. Chen doubts, received from the mobile phone customer service dimensional message said, recently a liar fake dimensional flagship store customer orders, an excuse to contact with the buyer, to remind buyers do not accept the friend request to add a liar, or any documents issued in the past, so as not to be deceived. Ms. Chen that almost see light suddenly into a scam. But Ms Chan is scared, why crooks can know their personal information in the first time, Ms. Chen even questioned whether Tmall or ghost as Victoria king.

merchants, online shopping platform service has said the alarm

Nandu reporter contacted the first time dimensional customer service, the other said that personal information is not leaked, otherwise not to remind consumers to be careful. In addition, in the shop web page