Taobao shop has become a good place for gold, but also the hands of e-commerce gathered. For now just do Taobao’s new sellers in order to have a new world on Taobao, it will take some time and effort to manage carefully. Quietly still come up with their own understanding of Taobao shop with you to do specific analysis on the registration certificate from the shops, shop decoration baby on the daily management method under the framework of promotion of technology store reputation and sales improved rapidly, online shop full set of technical skills and to share a


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fourth section, today how to open the shop with everyone to do a share

how to operate the shop how to operate the shop to do the following simple introduction!

first recruit: Construction and maintenance of good shops

shops equal to your physical store, door, window, style, product display, should spend more time on the company. After all, it’s a window for you to communicate with your clients. Work and no time, the effect will be different.

second strokes: use Tradelink

to maintain trade through long-term online this is the key. If possible, before 12 in the evening, you can let someone take care of trade. You don’t know when the customer is looking for you. Don’t take the initiative to wait.

high degree of trade activity, but also get extra publicity Ali, do not spend money advertising. My company has been the highest number of Ali activity industry, has been a lot of publicity and promotion, and therefore profit.

third measure: often publish product information

must let the customer search your product. So often release product information, so that information on the front. Or drown in the deluge of information, no echo, no chance.

release product information every day, is a must. Release product information pictures, must be beautiful, conspicuous. Clarity is a must. As detailed as possible, so that customers have the desire to buy.

fourth strokes: participate in bidding ranking

not only allows customers to search your products, but also let them see at first glance.

customers often do not have the patience to turn many pages to find information, so more and more opportunities ahead, PPC can make the product information to the top three customers, search the product first to see your products, visit rate naturally your chance a lot more than others.

participate in the bidding, the most important thing is to choose keywords, according to the customer’s search habits to choose the right keywords is very important. At the same time refer to the keyword search. Spend money to spend.

Chinese people are in the habit of attention first, the availability of funds, to consider the competition (Wang is first). Fair use of bidding can bring you unexpected benefits. Course with