beautiful purchase is to build FMCG supply chain B2B platform e-commerce company. Beautiful purchase to seize the "Internet plus" development of new forms, to the local supermarket convenience stores as the basis, to build a new B2B business platform, online and offline integration to achieve a win-win situation.

beautiful purchase actively integrate local convenience store resources in 345 cities. The 345 line of the city due to lack of market system model and platform advanced, beautiful purchase professional operation team using advanced technology and resource advantages, the development of a set of FMCG supply chain according to the actual use of the environment B2B ordering platform system, to achieve online and offline one-stop ordering, perfect interpretation of the cross-border Internet plus fusion drive two characteristics and innovation.

beautiful purchase will be the traditional FMCG supply chain to line up, will be more integration and optimization, the

channel platform to achieve win-win!

(sancore sancore information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., multi-user mall system, O2O mall system, e-commerce solutions, excellent service providers) is a beautiful purchase technology partner system platform, will provide mobile O2O+B2B mall system, including project planning and design, system development, technical support and other services.

this is cool and beautiful to buy second large strategic cooperation signing. Sancore will integrate existing resources and beautiful, combined to create a perfect B2B platform, to provide more quality services for users and experience.

cool and beautiful shopping together again, but also reflect the ability and guarantee sancore technology and service. To this end, the two sides will also be long-term strategic partner in the direction of further cooperation in more areas.

for more information, please pay attention to the public number: shankusoft

the author: sancore market