Wangzhuan industry has created a number of millions of millionaires, there are a lot of people have a lot of money through the Internet, but not every Wangzhuan industry has very rich income, on the contrary, many people engage in Wangzhuan industry monthly income of $500 or less, Wangzhuan industry is also following the 28 law. Why is there such a phenomenon first of all let us look at the following comparison next month income of less than 500 yuan and monthly income of the difference between them!

low income and high income contrast

is less than 500 yuan of income are usually just contact Wangzhuan industry novice friends, their first contact Wangzhuan are some of the most unprofitable projects of toil. Such as free Wangzhuan, including registration, coding, post, hook, click, investigation and games etc.. Is a free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan type has no future, effort and return is always proportional to I have just contact Wangzhuan, free Wangzhuan project down to operate less than $500 a month, eating is a problem. Here, one might ask, since free Wangzhuan do not make money, why are people in operation, it is because the free Wangzhuan no threshold limit, easy to use! Many people always earn free Wangzhuan what money feels Wangzhuan for them is not so remote and gradually abandoned Wangzhuan the higher! Understand expert once said "free is the most expensive, so we don’t always go to operate these so-called free Wangzhuan


a monthly income of over a million are generally in the network for a long time, there are also some of them is free from excessive Wangzhuan, found another piece of heaven and earth to make money through the website Wangzhuan. The first is to rely on advertising alliance website to make money to earn a certain amount of advertising costs, with the emergence of SEO in recent years, advertising is not the main way of personal websites to make money! Many people today through the website, a cost of a few yuan products, after the website package can be sold up to 200-300 yuan even more, this is the so-called profiteering! Many people by way of bidding so that the daily income of thousands or even more, but the auction bidding is a certain risk, need to invest a lot of money, if you are not good, you are not to make money, but lose money! But we can through the SEO optimization the rankings do Baidu first, and to bid the same effect, and we don’t need the money

!This is why

beginner income below 500 yuan or even one of the reasons for not making money. So how to abandon free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice to a higher level over


beginner how to change to a higher level over

to go from beginner to a higher level over, you must first have a website, secondly to understand some basic knowledge of SEO, which is why many people stay in a free Wangzhuan, because he will not be able to build websites, he did not know what SEO, feel these things must be.