with the development of modern society, people’s living standard continues to improve, more and more pressure in work, speed up the pace of life, sub-health population gradually increased, often feel headache, insomnia, listlessness, forgetfulness, fatigue and so on, more and more people tend to take Yu Sang, foot, white-collar workers in the majority.

is a highly profitable industry, in recent years the development of sauna enterprises rapidly, high streets and back lanes are open from the bath center, from hundreds to thousands of flat flat are services from simple massage bath, the initial development to entertainment, dining rooms. With the high-end sauna center continues to rise, some characteristics of the bath center gradually eliminated. The following problems at present most sauna Enterprises: market positioning is not scientific, extensive management, service equipment update lag, lack of operating characteristics, technicians on the clock is not timely, financial security vulnerabilities caused continual loss of tourists…

the majority of enterprises in addition to price competition, operating the project almost stereotyped, failed to form their own characteristics to attract consumers, which is the key to long-term stability of enterprises can not maintain the benefits. Bath industry is very competitive, want to win more market share, not only with the price, more need to be innovative and provide differentiated competition to attract tourists.

, sauna bath, foot bath, spa industry emerging as a traditional industry, is the third industry developed rapidly in the industry, if you want a long-term development, an information management software is indispensable, to enhance the efficiency of business operations, management of scientific and efficient store. Ms. Lee has been operating in the bath industry for 8 years, opening up from the store, use the Tengyun bath management software, in her words, she witnessed the growth of software Tengyun bath! From the stores first, to several branches of the bath Tengyun software plays a very important role! The software includes cashier management, management, management, real clock technician membership management, warehouse management, technicians commission management and system management, to meet the functional requirements of the store, it is worth mentioning that the Tengyun bath can be adjusted according to the software demand, store expansion also need not worry.


bath clear compane Tengyun software interface

software on Tengyun bath

bath management system by Tengyun jcipc software research and development, has eight years of experience in software industry, mainly for bathing, sauna, foot bath, entertainment and other leisure places the actual demand, we can flexibly manage hand and rooms, and the rooms and service to realize the automatic timing and charging management, flexible and practical. The system interface is simple and beautiful, intuitive operation simple, without special training can be used normally.

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