How to open the new

online shop to attract customers, so that their goods sold, increase the store sales, there is a certain skill for the shop shop business, below according to their own experience about how to shop in business efforts to attract customers, hope to have certain help to open shop friends, now many the shop is used to sell products the site, which is for the novice, is also very good.

1 opening atmosphere to highlight


is just shop, there must be a story, although it can not but have put up a pageantry, shop atmosphere, and welcome the arrival of customers bursting with happiness, some shopping gifts, debut free shops do a membership discount to attract customers to come to the newly opened, may wish to prepare! Some small gifts, as long as it is the first time to buy baby, are small gifts, at least to make customers feel very warm. If the city is close to the buyers, the first purchase may be personally door-to-door, let buyers exempt postage and make guests feel the sincere sellers.

2 holiday activities can not be less

you look at those shopping malls every holiday to engage in promotional activities, others are in the promotion, of course, there is a certain attraction, or so many shops do activities. So shop holiday publicity, do it, in fact, the holiday promotion is very simple, to their old goods a big discount, to the new attached to a gift, simply can attract a part of the popularity of the


3 buy more gifts

for me to buy a certain amount of customers, we can buy many gifts to implement method, buy things get a little gift, the customer does not love??! Buy more to send, do one can pull back, so the pay sure pay a return, worth


4 fraction of

do not feel bad

change is omitted as new sellers, most of the time will be over in the price, we mentioned above the 1 cents of the charm, but we in the guest life meaning, if you have 14.2 or 88.4 this price, we might as well say: with the guests will take you 14 or 88 yuan, the change is not! Your generous customers will be very happy oh. But when the customer must take the insatiable words is enough, you can say I shop commodity price tag is generally genuine goods at a fair price, we do not discount. So, managing some small skills, do remember.

5 postage issues more attention

for valuables, or have the weight of goods, freight charges must be negotiated and buyers, can give some suggestions, that way the safety and save money in the city shopping more than a certain amount can be free door-to-door service, your goods attract more customers can also bring a lot of city business.

6 open shop not lazy

open shop not lazy, a >