1 entrepreneurial team line three or four line city to Denver at

three or four line of small and micro enterprise advertisers are currently many Internet Co do not dig the source of business value.

tiger bashing sports founder Cheng Hang introduction, the site’s online business has accounted for 60% of online advertising revenue. From the end of last year to host the business events, many have been held to the two or three tier cities, followed by a line of three or four cities.

there are a lot of these cities have not been developed each year between the budget of five million to twenty million small and micro enterprise advertisers. If you can activate the business, will be able to get a higher line revenue.

2 Internet financial advantage is to benefit a large number of small and medium enterprises and individuals unable to borrow from the bank

Internet finance has become a hot topic for nearly a year, there are three reasons behind the financial services industry: small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers in the market again, this is a big demand; the development of e-commerce platform to make the Internet financial services is the basis; and a number of people recently internet financial industry leader the task and research institutions, government agencies are more concerned about this matter, began to gradually open up policy.

China’s financial market lies in the potential, and now through the Internet to search for consumption, credit, small and micro credit products are less than 10%, less than 20% of large cities, small cities lower proportion.

By contrast, 70 million mature financial markets such as the United States have access to small and micro credit information through search. In this way, China has great potential in this vertical market.

entrepreneurs also believe that there is no financial policy in the Internet, capital or talent barriers, the biggest obstacle is the gene.

3 with the Internet to do the hardware needs of the entrepreneurial team has a strong ability to integrate

The traditional

hardware facilities are in urgent need of the Internet, therefore, with the Internet thinking to the design and development of hardware products become a trend, can provide a more convenient and efficient way to obtain information for end users.


, the Internet Co will be the initial hardware involved in the traditional industry giants squeeze and squeeze, because the chip and raw material factors, early production difficulties, the birth of pure Internet team has considerable difficulties and challenges.

so, in addition to maintaining the Internet thinking, there must be very experienced in production, design, supply chain management talent.

4 native advertising is a new opportunity for Internet advertising

in 2000, the banner ad hit rate of 9%, and now this figure has dropped to 0.2%. Many users have begun to ignore the traditional forms of advertising, such as 33>