Ali Health recently officially launched "signing exclusive family doctor" and "an expert" two services, the pharmaceutical retail, medical services, health insurance and drug code, four lines of business, at the same time, the official website from the previous for the new domain name make only superficial changes in,

as one of the Alibaba group investment holding company, with ALI Ali health in e-commerce, big data and cloud computing, user centric, provides comprehensive Internet solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. At the same time, Ali health positioning online medical services and medicine O2O pioneer, is creating a complete online and offline medical health service network.

The original

domain although relegated to second tier, but said it was ill fated. was first registered in 2009, 2011 so be deleted due not to renew the domain name. In April 2013, it was re registered the domain name, did not expect a year later again not renewed due to be deleted. Until July 2014, it was finally found a new owner – Ali’s CITIC twenty-first Century.

is reported that is Ali in September this year, the price of six digits from the acquisition of domain name investors carpenter. Currently, Ali and Ali health related domain name

The value of

is on the rise, and the value of its brand name will rise accordingly. Now, the Alibaba had shining international brand halo, in the development of their business at the same time, the domain name protection is extremely hard, in the industry has been established as a benchmark.

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