as a marketing director of the electricity supplier company, for soft Wen, soft Wen release, soft Wen promotion, soft marketing these four words will not be strange. Perhaps you on brain gold, 360 security guards of the soft Wen promotion story clearly in mind, deeply understand the network marketing in all the methods, soft Wen is the "42 great fulcrum Jack dial".

also only can immediately write soft operation: release


here we only electricity supplier of the company’s soft start, focusing on two points:

what is the essence of soft



want to quickly build a new network brand on the Internet, the first thing is to determine the brand name, the brand name needs to be clearly and accurately tell users who are you? What? – my name is Jingdong such as mall Jingdong, open online mall. The brand name is very good! Wheat bags name is also very good! Of course, does not mean that the Kuba,, Mcglaughlin, dream bazaar, where the customer is not good, is also very good. Because they are already in the 3~5 years ago in our hearts to sow, think you are not in a news website, or a forum first saw these words? If you record is fuzzy, that’s right, because they are all on the soft sowing the first seed. Soft seeding is actually very simple, write a few articles about your brand reports, send again in Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, China network, 10 portal, these seeds will want dandelion seeds to your brand to every corner of the internet……


for large electricity supplier companies, their communication is absolutely not to let the brand of information on the Internet to drift away. They will make use of major news events, large-scale public welfare activities, public concern topics, with their own brand in order to achieve the effect of simultaneous communication resonance. The specific communication method can add my QQ communication (1347930508), here I only brief communication to grasp the principle: breadth, depth and height, strength, angle, the five words you know, but we need one by one to think deeply.


2861 counties nationwide, if we can release a soft place in each county above the portal to promote their products will receive what effect? The only network marketing guru Shi Yuzhu know, because he had done. Brain gold, melatonin, gold partner, gold wine, why he sold what fire what, because he was really covered type of network marketing. In fact, released in 2861 counties nationwide local portal is soft area coverage, we can also do industry vertical coverage, in the theme of the forum for prospective customers covering the target users and their products related to vertical portals, etc..


if you have an article on Baidu home page "news" section