for the community, either the bank or telecom operators have launched a pioneer Bank of every hue community banks, even the Bank of Beijing still Wangjing area construction of a unique female bank, telecom operators are building a large number of community business hall. However, compared with the 711 other retail stores, banks and telecom operators in the construction of community stores did not form a climate, then gradually disappeared.

community is the most active place for the Chinese people, is the most basic living space, is generally considered the most commercial value, but it is a nightmare for large commercial enterprises. Today, people still occupy the community market is tens of millions of shops, the core of beauty salons, food stalls, grocery shop, fruit shop and so on Doufufang, firmly occupy the community values, the Internet can change the


Jingdong once claimed to store and community construction alliance, the speed of the landing and the goods in order to achieve the O2O service, which is the construction of the SF hey shop will be opened in the post office mode of people’s doorstep, is said to resemble lakala also draw community stores cooperation. However, these companies are not a smooth road to the community, the future is not very optimistic.

Internet Co into the community, it is not easy to enter the countryside, for five reasons:

1, the convenience of community commerce has gone beyond the Internet, many of Internet Co’s basic business model in the community is not more advanced than the community store

in the Internet economy booming, the business community is still more than large shopping malls with resistance, there is a reason, because it has incomparable e-commerce experience, and these resources of the high degree of trust and stability, in other words, customer loyalty is also high. We can not because of the role of the community is relatively small contempt for social business model, in fact, the world’s most advanced marketing model is not on the tall multinational companies, but community stores.

Internet business is really convenient, but it is compared with the big business all over the country, and if the community shops flexible to compare, the Internet Co that those things are actually community store outdated things, community shops not only lag behind, but more advanced.

2, the community has its own independent social relations, the social relationship is natural is strong, far more than the Internet tools to establish social relationships more vitality, the characteristics of the Internet is to Tianya Zorpia, but the community does not need, because the community has feelings.

it is no exaggeration to say that the feeling is the biggest advantage of community stores. Better is a neighbor, community store is rooted in the community, every day and natural intimacy next door neighbours meet. Deep understanding of life and shopping habits of community residents, to grasp the basic situation of family and community residents, to carry out various forms of market research, regular analysis of residents purchase behavior change from commodity preparation, the connotation of service to meet the requirements, and constantly adjust the product structure, increase the selling of goods, sincere and retain customers, make them more loyal. This is the advantage of community stores, Internet Co’s Ren