Business Review: a woman with a group of Hunan, 80, 90, do not rely on capital operation, with the mobile Internet business model reconstruction of Tradition Hotel, 5 years to nearly 1000 stores. What tips can learn from



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WeChat open, WeChat customer service, WeChat payment…… This stylish hotel can touch your nerves?

City Hotel Group founder Chen Yihan, a bully and tenderness, of art and design, show fanatical fan art of Hunan girl, with a group of 80, 90, do not rely on capital operation, three refused to venture, with the mobile Internet business model reconstruction of Tradition Hotel, prides itself on being "standing in the mobile business outlet of pigs".

for 5 years, the city hotel group from 1 in wilderness hotel development to the country close to 1000, in 32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and won the first national implementation of WeChat open theme hotel chain "," ten hotel industry platform brand awareness ranked first, the largest theme hotel "title. What is the secret?

three refused to venture capital

shortly before the interview with Chen, City Hotel Group has just refused to throw a venture capital company to its 50 million olive branch, the reason is not bad money". But privately, she said, the reason is not so simple.

at that time, a venture capital company attracted, Chen Yihan did not look cheerful thirty several questions with each other, the negotiations will be ready but calmly. "My concern is the introduction of venture capital, will not be due to capital to interest customers and employees to cash damage, but the other answer is vague, I am not satisfied, then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled." Once again she cast away the wind.

in fact, from the beginning of 2012, more than three venture capital companies courted the city hotel, but she resolutely refused. She is not a rejection of capital, enterprises are strong expansion, if by means of capital development, will certainly be a tiger with wings added but the problem is to fit.

looking for investors like looking for a partner, for you is the best." She made a metaphor, the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs, like in love, not just talk about money, occasionally also can talk about life, not only to see the eye, but also to see the fate.

is the money can be headstrong? Three Chen Yihan refused to venture emboldened in


first start. Just not long past the November 29th day, the City Hotel Group announced the official launch of the WeChat wisdom Hotel solutions, more users will enjoy the mobile phone "master key", "WeChat said real card easy to open the door" super fun Hotel experience.

Check Inn Hotel does not need a room card, and can open the door directly with WeChat. Don’t turn on the lights and press the switch, gently point micro >