December 23rd,, by Shenzhen E-Commerce Association and the Shanghai business school jointly organized by the science and technology innovation and development of e-commerce forum in Shenzhen e-commerce forum malls and shops network operators to support the plan meeting in Shenzhen ended Bon-Garden Hotel. The electrical business nearly 1000 people, live interactive warm, winter outdoor and racket, and the current electricity supplier winter on contrast. The presence of the CEOs of the business, the electricity supplier responsible person, there are many shop owner. I was fortunate enough to be invited as a full-time Taobao.

the meeting mainly around the innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of business expansion, opportunities and challenges of enterprise network operations and further decomposition of the electronic commerce value faced, in view of the present situation has proposed how to establish and consolidate their Amoy brand online. How to solve the difficult, and from the station operation difficult, promotion difficult, difficult talents analyzed several problems in small and medium sized network. Guests also pointed out that the mall, shop how to build and strengthen their own network brand and integrity of the brand, for the pattern and limitations of Taobao, proposed innovative marketing model recommendations.

this year’s eleven double, Taobao platform exceeded 3 billion 360 million, compared with last year’s growth of 936 million times. Taobao – crazy again, all day long transactions amounted to 4 billion 380 million. According to the twenty-eighth China internet station statistics report, a total of 485 million Chinese network, including broadband network 390 million, 308 million mobile phone users, China’s online shopping users reached 170 million, improve the utilization rate of 36% than in previous years, China’s online shopping market in 2010 more than 500 billion, so far, it is expected to exceed 900 billion, online shopping has. As consumer habits of daily life.

so, in the end who is recommending the development of e-commerce, of course, is the change of our consumer behavior and the outbreak of the online shopping market. According to last year’s statistics show that 8% of people said no longer shopping, and more than 20% of people think the network is more fun than shopping. Early in the 2003 SARS period, sales channels and traditional enterprises greatly blow, coincides with the time the SARS, promote users of consumer spending habits change, and Taobao as the first to seize the e-commerce trend of wealth, it is in this situation the attack before the achievements of Taobao today 8 years of glory.

as a small network of us, I think there is still a lot of confusion.

a large number of traditional strength enterprise competition

many companies began to participate in e-commerce, their brand awareness and influence is far from us. This will be the biggest problem we face, facing them, we are ants, they are elephants. In the face of this confusion, small and medium enterprises should establish and consolidate their own brands, to create their own and strengthen their network brand and brand integrity.

endless price war

as the saying goes, as also the price, the price also lost. From the major electricity supplier leading the price of the station, to the