recently prepared to do an online mall, B2C mall, preparation work has done almost, and now has entered the implementation phase of the basic.

I personally do shop dealers, everyday people are in the Taobao store, independent mall friends on the Internet, I want to do a B2C on the mall, is the main development potential with the mall. Especially professional mall. Now the development of e-commerce is very fast, we look at the Jingdong, Dangdang, red kids, wheat bags, the mall’s ability to earn money can now be aware of the potential for the development of an independent B2C mall is very large.

of course, I do not like the Jingdong as a comprehensive shopping mall, we do not have so much capital, but we can do a market segment B2C mall. For example, selling glasses available network, this website is very good, can be said to be a mall to sell the market segments more successful, often in online shopping, especially to buy glasses hidden, basically know this mall.

to do a subdivision of the B2C mall is actually very simple, the key is to choose what they want to sell, and then do the appropriate investigation. From my own investigation, there are a few points.

one should pay attention to is to look at their own choice of market segments are now doing a better independent mall, if not, then we can do. If anything, just look at how his popularity and market share? How is the survey the mall sell product keywords ranking, there is Baidu, Google ads, there are no major portals, reports. And so on, in fact, is to investigate how to promote his efforts, if the promotion of the mall is relatively large, it can be proved that this segment of the market profit is good and some people have done. If we think we can exceed him on the resources, it can be done, if not, then you can give up this subdivision, looking for other look.

looking for a breakdown of the market, to obtain basic information from Taobao, Taobao has announced the sales data, sales data for each column are essential, we can according to the information released by Taobao to find more popular, then carries on the investigation to see if you have the strength to enter.

is one of the problems in the supply problem, because I was born to do consignment, this is more familiar, so the resources from the point of view, can be considered for some goods business, this can be found in Taobao, any product in Taobao can almost find the lowest wholesale price, has the affiliate, of course this will take some time to find, identify, after all, Taobao or some liar. The first consignment of this method allows us to minimize the cost to measure the mall market space, to avoid because of the large amount of stockpile capital, have failed the test risk yahuo.