first on the statement, I have done eight years in the offline business, and now just stepped into e-commerce, today I want to talk with you about my views on the Internet business.

many people are reluctant to evaluate others too much, others on foot up many times, often by "retribution". This does not, once love to those friends I would taunt business soon after, in the irony of "crooked go hit the wrong follow the footsteps," entered the amateur track business.

I’m not a bit of an economic concept. In the current economic construction as the center of the era, everyone should become the sea of market economy tide, but although the Internet to develop, if not to do business on the Internet, can only say that this person is not normal, is willing to give up a broad market. Because at that time the friends obsessed with electronic commerce that kind of dedication and obsession with lack of feeling, will have a "swim" mock "fish" scene. Now it’s my turn to "put", really understand gehangrugeshan. This time, I think the strong willed a person to come from, could not withstand the friend "encouraged" to a friend, most willing to set a "trap", "Huyou" non friends do a little business.

I will be in the gun, seemingly accidental, in fact, is inevitable. In the following four conditions have the situation, not in the gun is difficult. A friend is to promote the project, the product side is, charismatic, worthy of my trust, the project also earn a lot of capital; the two is my eight years as a businessman, for business and have some unique experience, the Internet is also an emerging market, as long as we make and sell things deal or those convenience, people want to save money, I just want to quickly master some basic rules of good Internet business, I can gradually develop their own Internet business; three of the project, product, customer and market, I did the investigation argument more fully, can be considered feasible; four. I have to go to catch fish heart itch ", but has no courage to step down.

said "the sea to catch fish," here it is necessary to make a "circle" for yourself: in fact, the people of my money look very pale, always feel thrifty spend enough on the line. I do not know where to spend more money, how to spend also can not be, is not necessarily a good thing. Perhaps this is an important reason for my eight years of business line hasn’t made great achievements, maybe I will not taste the taste of the kind of money inexhaustible, inexhaustible. I’d really rather mediocre life, as long as more than food and clothing, would be satisfied, so I can’t tell you I just try to catch fish of the sea water is not suitable for me now swim.

I of this point of view, may be spending billions of dollars of the rich scorn, may also be similar to "would rather cry in a BMW, also don’t want to sit on the bike" woman at. Different people have different aspirations。 The vast sea of humanity, I think, the world numerous living beings, there is no reason not to allow values, >