] August 22nd news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, the day before, taobao.com changed the commitment – the seller refused delivery rules. After the change of the rules, set up the seller to bear the freight or shipping costs 0 yuan, Taobao sellers, can not be marked in the description of the goods, how many pieces from the sale, how many pieces of information from the packet.

taobao.com pointed out that once the seller set shipping services, as buyers purchase quantity, the amount has not reached the seller request not to ask the buyer to increase freight delivery or shipment, the seller is illegal, user complaints will be established. Moreover, the number of sellers to purchase physical goods, such as the purchase of up to one of the acts are illegal.

when the seller has set up a non package, the number of users to buy, the amount does not meet the requirements of the seller or the seller exceeds the number of restrictions on the purchase of the situation, the seller does not belong to the proposed non delivery.

It is reported that

, the rules change, if the seller has that commodity purchase amount and the number of constraints in the details page, but no buyers purchase and payment in accordance with the requirements, if the subsequent sellers refused to delivery, taobao.com do sellers breach illegal treatment.

but Taobao explained that the original violation of the rules and the rules of the package is contrary to the rules, increasing the user’s shopping problems, reducing the shopping experience. Sellers also have to pay more to explain the cost of communication, but also the amount of change. So the rules of change, in order to regulate the release of the seller side of the product settings, to protect the consumer experience, while creating a good trading environment for the seller.