How do

blog to make money? When a few days ago in the QQ group chat inside, inside the group simply do the statistics, found that as long as the webmaster, almost all blogs, ranging from one or two, more than five or six, some directly is the blog group, found that many webmaster used to their website promotion for with his own blog, only a very small part…… After asking to come to the conclusion: " blog are making money " or " blog to make money " I think through this survey I estimate is most webmaster answer! But blog really does not earn money? No one would dare to say this: " is ". Because the blog has made a lot of money the station grew up in, some owners even do a professional blog, don’t do stand! Because the blog’s energy input and capital input is much less than the independent website investment! There are many blog will only need to concentrate on, capital investment is zero! This is the charm of the blog……

In fact, the main purpose of this article is not to promote the blog

how good! But to tell the webmaster how to do blog to make money…… Well, now goes to the point, first of all, you must make sure you do blog what is for? If you only do website promotion, you can skip it, if writing experience, make the play, you can also skip! Want to make money through the blog, then look down! Has been mentioned above and almost all Adsense blog, there are many webmaster blog is mainly to make money, so they are how to make money?

: the first is now very popular " Taobao " don’t say Taobao would not make money off! Taobao customers do not earn money is entirely a matter of personal ability, which is " the execution of " you can’t earn money why there are so many webmasters do? They are fools? In fact, as long as you work hard, do a Taobao customer blog is absolutely can earn money.

second: do " professional blog " make money. You may ask, what is the " professional blog; "? In fact, said popular point, " " is the only professional blog; a blog, for example your blog write only " computer skills; " related articles, this blog can be said to be a professional blog, you just write the blog about the stock blog, also can be said to be a professional blog, for example, my blog is a professional blog, you can look at the " blog: " new stocks;. The benefits of writing a professional blog is the content of the professional, the blog is easy to sell things, do GG advertising is also very good, because the advertising match will be very good……

third: " Soft blog " to make money, this estimate you will not want to understand a little, the Soft blog is not website promotion! This is right, but not the same as you are writing for others, not for self.