there is no doubt that with the continuous birth and demise of B2C companies, the public’s attention to e-commerce focused mostly on the growth of B2C transactions. But in fact, B2C trading growth tends to be more of a single online shopping platform, in addition to the familiar Taobao mall, like Jingdong, A new force suddenly rises. red child, new egg network, style vertical sites, shopex is dedicated to nurturing the brand as the seller "store manager" combines the construction of personal brand shop online shopping needs of the times, will the ability of collaborative commerce between the store brand sellers long-term constraints combine the pain. Do in-depth research and analysis of network shop seller’s voice, a good commodity channel without a good brand optimization model, a single commodity platform to show too tacky, many shops operating too time-consuming, often a strong heart weak.

that is, in September 11, 2009, to small business, big dream as the theme of the 2009APEC SME summit held in Hangzhou. Entrepreneurs from 21 countries and regions in the Asia Pacific region gathered in Hangzhou, in-depth discussion on the development of small and medium enterprises, summed up the experience of the global SME winter. Ma Yun, chairman and chief executive officer of Alibaba, said: "after the financial crisis, a new business civilization characterized by integrity, openness, sharing and social responsibility will be born. The future of business principles is the customer first, employees second, shareholders of the third."

we know whether the emergence of new commercial civilization, or the principle of the supremacy of customers, in fact, we cannot do without a law, the transformation of technological innovation, in the Internet era to create a near perfect commercial civilization, is with its unique flexibility and innovation as a driving force, to solve many the real problem facing SMEs, many B2C electronic retail enterprises had seemingly quite creative, unusual perfect business plan also packaging, enough to make investment for the. Over time, these new electronic retail enterprises can not maintain its primary spirit, practical problems appeared in numerous trivial, and these problems and the problems faced by the traditional retailers have different approaches but equally satisfactory results. For example, how to attract new customers and electronic retailers to retain old customers? How can they improve the conversion rate, the web surfers into electronic retail customers? How do they do the strategic business plan, to gain market share, revenue, profit? In general, they hand other electronic retailer competition, on the other hand also the competition with traditional retailers in this market, how can they attack the many competitors in most obviously B2C talent shows itself? Business and personal electronics retailer has yet to find the answers to these questions will no longer exist, and the economic crisis in the environment, a new pure retail network to support creativity is particularly difficult.

The story of

and its successful launch of shopex in the market environment of the "shopkeeper" particularly memorable. In July 2009, shopex in order to adapt to the construction of store brands online shopping era, launched the "shopkeeper" software, combined with electronic zero >