815 World War II can be said of the major electricity supplier is a decisive battle, can be said that the electricity supplier direct Chibi, which in fact the first day after the outcome had been, my analysis is suning.com is the biggest winner of this war, if suning.com is expected before the 2012 sales target of 20 billion can be said that there is no hope, after 8.15 this war, now there is hope, we look at the Baidu index data



here are some of my analysis:

flow on suning.com the most benefit, Suning traffic has increased 15 times, the Jingdong only increased 5 times, of course, this is the main reason of the Jingdong base, but Suning with the Jingdong flow gap to about 1.5 times the original, but 5 times the gap, the advertisement with suning.com’s Liu Qiangdong to do too much the.

two suning.com Li Bin said orders increased 8 times, while the Jingdong did not give a specific amount, but the individual estimates should increase.

three parity site with the benefits of the software, such as a scouring network with the shopping assistant, I installed a shopping assistant.

four Beijing East night from micro-blog known to every family, but with negative comments comments, word of mouth is the most, and in such a national concern in the case of the Jingdong actually there is no advantage in price parity software, which will give the Jingdong after a bitter pill.

Analysis of the impact of

five campaign, after 8.15 years of war, in the day of, the Baidu index did not change or change very little electricity supplier, such as shop No. 1, Dangdang will continue to edge. Suning.com and Gome has basically established the second youngest position. But suning.com will become stronger, may even challenge Jingdong boss position, of course, suning.com must ensure that Suning in the stock market will not be abandoned.

some of the other feelings: the individual began to admire Liu Qiangdong’s strategic decisions, with Gome Suning Appliance is a clever strategic decisions. But in the 815 day battle of Liu Qiangdong I feel bad is continuous, for example in the home appliance supply is insufficient, the price jump. I think the key is that Liu Qiangdong even in the other category even without war, this is the focus of the price war, in fact, as long as the Liu Qiangdong 815 network to the point of preferential Tianquan on the line, the difference is not expensive than other electricity providers on the line, but Liu Qiangdong did not do so, the result is that we know, the Jingdong in a variety of software and web site under the price parity whole network products have no price advantage. So Suning orders on the surge. It can be said that, if the Jingdong can not go bankrupt, then it must be with the 815 day Liu Qiangdong did not win the reputation of the country, or even the country’s negative evaluation.