CEO Cao Guowei was named the 2011 U.S. "time" magazine "in 2011 the world’s top 100 most influential people", it can now Sina micro-blog micro-blog China LED heat from the social influence, there are certainly micro-blog users, looking at the person around 100 meters recently, "micro-blog China leading social business development and change" the white paper announced the Sina micro-blog has more than 200 million registered users, nearly 5 enterprises settled in the micro-blog platform. The number of micro-blog daily post staggering, as a social networking environment of a new media, has become a corporate marketing of a hotly contested spot. After a period of explosive micro-blog business competition, businesses use micro-blog marketing strategy and approach to maturity.

but one thing we have to admit that the current situation, many companies just opened micro-blog Internet in order to cater to the latest trends, focusing on participation, the opening is not clear what is the core goal of micro-blog, or there is no effective way to find the real operating companies of micro-blog, many companies look at micro-blog, a "good morning" every morning, noon, the afternoon of a "joke", at a "good night", middle spots enterprise product advertising. Then if a business enterprise micro-blog released micro-blog liquor in the evening: "I am so contradictory, on the one hand under the lofty, one hand but not in stock. I have been refused, the whole heart refused, as had refused to grow up. Of course, it is to grow up, gently waved, youth is gone for ever! Good night! Friends! "So the micro-blog business is also in the enjoyment, regardless of how many fans, regardless of the interaction. Micro-blog’s personal emotional expression.

how to make enterprise micro-blog play a real role? Business association, engage in network marketing to the enterprise and the line to think, your micro-blog is to see who? Look at the "good morning" every day is your family and friends, your customers really don’t have time to watch this useless. We must seriously consider how to give customers the dissemination of useful information, micro-blog has hundreds of millions of users, and not all your potential customers, you only need to pay attention to the enterprise should pay attention to the fans, means to segments of micro-blog communication. Each enterprise has its own fixed customer base, or long-term or short-term members, to be good at grasping the existing members of the focus of micro-blog propaganda, with a unique strategy, three-dimensional operation of micro-blog.

For example,

has a large membership of the Xinhua Bookstore, usually to retail oriented, it can be combined with micro-blog enterprise website, maximum import micro-blog users to drive online sales, offline sales. In the traditional enterprise micro-blog marketing field, is a model of the first hiersun diamond organization set up by the media. Haikou has an honest shopkeeper selling micro-blog tonic, less than a week to sell more than and 100 bowls, the owner does not understand network marketing knowledge too much, in fact, do not need to understand, he only knew the tonic is to sell a drink tonic people, so his tonic micro-blog is pure, "you fly friends, you handsome beauty, I give up.