now has risen to more than 2 thousand group purchase website, in this huge group purchase market, the popular city of Shanghai, we should how to do the operation and promotion of the

group purchase?

the company currently operates 16 shop group purchase network "in Shanghai there are a lot of fame, since 2010, a lot of people like to win, we began to post the streets of a small ad to our media advertising, we have spent a lot of effort, but in 2011 this time we face a reshuffle. To make more choices, today I will talk about how we are operating and promotion of

group purchase website!

16 shop group purchase network: 6 months on the line to achieve win, first we choose is the community cooperation, with neighborhood cooperation, let the residents of our trust, the same period, the daily turnover of more than 50 single, then we are still operating at a loss, after 5 months of training, we have our the advertisement in the residential area of the city, but also let us popularity is a huge increase in 5 months time we invested in advertising and human resources have been many, but also has brought a lot of benefits, we pay is a return, should we go is the mass line, let people buy are practical, brand, affordable products, which is one reason why we succeed, but I also recommend that small group purchase website to go the public route, because the group purchase is not how much money people do Because the rich people will not come to buy!

Witkey promotion, let us once again successfully, when the 16 shop group purchase network began to profit when, we released the task in Witkey, let the navy to help us to send advertising, then we use 1000 dollars to the cost of the Navy, within a week we recovered on million in revenue, advertising is also a visible forum a good method, this method I want to recommend you to do, small investment return is


telephone marketing, when 16 shop group purchase network has begun to busy, we take the SMS function, when operators bought 20000 numbers, then the group message, but the effect is also good, in a group purchase later, we got 806 people group purchase orders. To earn a few million yuan, but the investment is only about 1K, so the income for our company started the group purchase website is very impressive, but these methods are most useful, I also recommend the grassroots webmaster to try not to pay would not return


2011 will face a major reshuffle, group purchase market and why? Because the effect of group purchase giants, GROUPON has teamed up with Tencent, there are several major domestic super group purchase website will also increase the volume of business, it will make the small group purchase website face off, but this time, we in order not to be eliminated, we want to do is service, price, quality assurance, so that people rely on us, do not do domestic places, the place to do fine, I believe we will get better development in 2011! "