after May, micro business ushered in since the rise of the most severe challenges.


is the first public conflict, due to a number of early fanatics bent on the pursuit of quick get rich, through the circle of friends in the form of violence will quickly refresh, bluff and deceive derivative has the name, and then taking a variety of micro fraud evidence of fraud was exposed, brand performance cliff style decline, with the increasing of user complaints, WeChat official the more and more stringent measures, CCTV and other mainstream media on the micro business marketing reports a fall over each other.

so, to promote a new business form has been sent to the micro side by side and Taobao may seem to be taking overnight become common enemies of hatred. Billions of dollars in water every day, millions of dollars, and now it seems to be a dream. Experienced a lot of talent to realize after waking from a dream, micro business is a rich platform but not for the benefit of the platform.

thankfully with the rise of micro shop platform like adorable, micro business is a step out of the quagmire of violence shuabing. Micro channel platform has become a trend, has become the last to save tens of millions of micro channel life-saving straw. Although the derivative has a smooth transition into the stall of undocumented homeless to verifiably, standardize the management of the business owners. But if you want to grow, still need to cross the following three doors".

first heavy door: business models need to follow the heavy B light C thinking

so-called C client, B is the end of the business. Heavy B light C namely: the C end do enough "light", the B end to do enough "deep"".

Why is

C side to do enough light? "Light" can be understood as "simple", light concerns the interaction of light, light trading, to simplify everything, let your potential customers become your fans to be simple enough for your fans to participate in interactive activities you will be enough simple, allow your fans when the transaction is simple enough, just to really understand that less is more, really good service to more fans.

why the B side to do enough "heavy", "heavy" is not to say that the product features to do bloated, complex, but the product to do enough deep. There is a platform to support the system is even more so, if the B side is not enough weight C side is not enough light, the user experience will be quite bad. For example, if the seller’s personal shop to buy a product, the jump in when shopping is the product of the official website, when the actual payment will jump to the WeChat payment account page, switch back and forth, will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble to the user. The entire transaction system, the B side to provide the upstream service must be very perfect and smooth, so that the time cost of C end users to participate in the purchase of low.

second door: Marketing interaction to cross social fission

although Facebook, Pinterest, micro-blog, WeChat, unfamiliar street and other social media have accelerated the commercialization of social layout. But we also see