Abstract: how can I play double 11 consumers may usher in a fight than the speed of double 11. It is reported that the Alibaba will rely on technical departments to provide a "special ERP-POS link" brand all channels, consumers in the Tmall orders, the orders can be quickly assigned to the distance from the nearest consumer businesses store, and call the rookie logistics partners to embrace parts, can achieve the fastest from order to receipt of 2 hours to complete.


titanium media note: from the beginning of 2009 "double eleven" has become an unshakable holiday. Ali in the end is how to create 11· 11 people behind the scenes story of the carnival, titanium media in 2014, the special report of the two people in the six year of the double 11 to impress all readers. A few years earlier, Ali in eleven double internal planning, key to "in technology to optimize the consumer experience, let you easily grab" when shopping at the beginning of this year; eleven double operation quietly changed. How can you play eleven double? Look at the titanium media reporter Guo Juan reports:

for the retail industry, the whole channel is the trend.

electricity supplier Haier chief marketing officer Ceng Qingli said, "this is the core in the process of the development of the Internet technology, has now entered the second generation, the first generation of technology revolution, everyone in the cash flow, now in the second generation to the two aspects of development: to be big data, down is the fusion reality scene."

in the upcoming Ali 2015 double eleven, virtual integration of the scene of the sale will be another keyword outside of globalization. In this field the preset "shops Tongqing" of the party in the past, keep on the part of the consumer, mobile phone in front of the computer will be taken to the next line. Ali told the media revealed that the titanium to cooperate with the business entity list, is the brand for many years deep line, like Shanghai Jahwa has tens of thousands of stores will participate in Herborist’s stores can also provide consumers with skin test; soua together, Suning will be the first official to participate in the double eleven big promotion. The next line stores all monensin field to participate in online interaction.

addition, like Zhou Heiya, Mars, Estee Lauder, Chinese way tiger car, Sophia Home Furnishing and BAIC, the first brigade of such traditional businesses, they are the champions of a category eleven double sales in previous years, the body is marked with "big sellers" halo. But this year, they invariably said, and ten to the area sales surge in the transformation of the Internet they settle on Ali such third party electric power to the traditional enterprises to "".

shoulvgufen chairman Zhang Rungang said, the overall loss of Chinese hotel industry reached 5 billion 900 million last year, the surface is the development of the industry to curb public consumption, but the deeper reason is the Internet boom, let the whole hotel industry can not keep pace." In the past, the hotel industry is the service of software and hardware integration, now talk about wine >