every reporter Zhang Yejun from Guangzhou

March 10, 2014, mini pick founder Lai Dandan received a lawyer’s letter, the Jingdong store to the transfer price of 20 yuan subsidiary – Shanghai is international trade limited company (a subsidiary of Jingdong of Japan and South Korea brand vertical website Mini pick the operator of the subject, hereinafter referred to as the Shang International) 80% of the shares. April 1st, Lai Dandan to the controlling shareholder of the interests of the interests of the company responsible for the dispute on the grounds of prosecution Jingdong, Shanghai City People’s court has formally accepted the case filing.

Jingdong and mini pick from the cooperative to court, only two years, during which the story of what happened in the end? 20 yuan to sell 80% stake in Jingdong is called arrogance or a novelty? "Daily economic news" reporter interviewed Lai Dandan. In addition, in this event, the reporter received the relevant person in charge of the public relations department of Jingdong issued a statement on behalf of Jingdong.

"hasty" M & A?

Lai Dandan met Liu Qiangdong on a TV show in November 2010. Shortly thereafter, along with the electricity supplier entrepreneurial tide, Lai Dandan by virtue of their contacts in Japan and South Korea resources, founded the B2C electricity supplier website Mini pick, since the line on June 2011, the main products in Japan and South Korea clothing.

it is understood that, in 2011, the domestic electricity supplier industry is facing a reshuffle, the electricity supplier industry mergers and acquisitions frequently. Lai Dandan’s Mini challenge facing the challenges of development and expansion. In this case, either the introduction of venture capital, or the acquisition of larger companies. Lai Dandan and Liu Qiangdong referred to their plight, Liu Qiangdong proposed to allow the to join the Jingdong, since the two sides reached a merger intentions. Lai Dandan joined Jingdong’s proposition, and did not get support from other shareholders. To this end, and she decided to part company each going his own way another shareholder, with a mini pick the assets and the whole team, joined the Jingdong.

Jingdong was eager to expand overseas markets, and mini pick just have this resource. The mini pick has a large number of overseas buyers resources. For the mini pick, can rely on Jingdong such a large platform, undoubtedly its rapid expansion is the driving force of a tiger with wings added.

December 10, 2011, Lai Dandan signed a merger agreement with the Jingdong, then will Mini pick the original company including servers, computer, car business, assets at a price of 2 million yuan to sell to the Jingdong, the Jingdong to cash to pay the money to the original shareholders of the company. Subsequently, Lai Dandan took 44 employees to join Jingdong. Another shareholder of the company will be the remaining team pulled to a branch of Japan operations, Lai Dandan only retain shares.

"at that time have a good relationship with you, for the first, the main purpose is to hope that shareholders will do better to pick Mini project. At that time, Jingdong is mainly optimistic about our resources in Japan, they will take this asset assessment, it is very easy to facilitate operation." International yet another founding shareholders Yu Chou said, "because"