in recent days, the star brother in the friend’s instigation to play the pocket shopping under the micro shop. Micro store has a LBS function, you can display the presence of nearby micro shop. Star brother who lives in the city’s northernmost, in the southernmost city. Every day from north to south, from south to north, must go through a lot of places. In order to test the number of micro shop, star brother every other distance to open the LBS function. Except I do not know, a jump: Micro shop almost a hundred meters! If plus Jingdong’s Jingdong micro shop and pat micro shop, micro, and praise micro mall WeChat third party service provider micro shop, will be more intensive. This shows that the development of mobile electricity supplier to the point of how crazy!

star brother is a food company’s e-commerce director, responsible for the company’s Tmall, Jingdong and several other platforms shop co-ordination, but also nearly two years. Due to the business interest crazy, so each platform will star brother opened a shop in the above, and not about selling not to sell, is the main mode of operation of the platform under study. In recent years, WeChat to cover almost all the potential sweep away the millions of enemy troops million people. Thus, WeChat related electricity supplier has gradually developed. Star brother roughly summed up in three modes: one is to get access to mobile electricity supplier on WeChat, such as Jingdong micro shop, as well as the recent launch of the new pat shop. This micro shop can not only get the entrance on the WeChat super APP, but also with the binding of WeChat public, by the WeChat public drainage, but also has its own platform and APP, by its drainage. One is no entrance on WeChat, WeChat can bind with the public, and access to its own platform and APP traffic support mobile providers, such as pocket shopping under the micro shop. Another is neither get super entrance in WeChat, also did not support its own platform and APP traffic, but the mobile providers and WeChat, binding, such as Zambia (Pocket pass), MSI and WeChat third party service providers. Here, I’ll put the mobile business models to WeChat mobile providers, also known as micro business. Of course, not only in this column of micro business sellers circle of friends.

WeChat mobile electricity supplier logic: electricity supplier + media

star brother has done three years of media, to see the rise of so many grassroots WeChat public, naturally not outdated. In the vertical segments of the registration of three WeChat. One is the electricity supplier information electricity supplier in the field of elite reference, a delicacy in the field of health is a delicacy in a factory, is in the field of ancient anecdotes featured anecdotes. Here star brother talk about the public health delicacy workshop, the other two all as advertising! We also say, brother do business in the star of a food company, in the pocket shopping also registered a micro shop, called Youpin Jigme health museum. One is the WeChat public, one is a micro shop, the two do not seem to be associated with, but in the star looks very wonderful. Star brother approach is a two-way interaction, mutual drainage, the formation of ecological closed-loop. Gourmet health workshop, which has a WeChat media properties, can provide people with a variety of food health knowledge, which can attract a large number of food fans, the premise is a good operation. Yingshan Youpin Jigme Health Museum main >