today is August 15th, seems to have smelled the fragrance of the moon cake, can occur in the last night of the full moon of the 815 battle seems to have been forgotten. In fact, this triggered by the electricity supplier group events of saliva, enough to load the annals of China’s commercial development.

815 electricity supplier war history Chinese electronic commerce, is divided into two stages: 815 business wars before, is China e-commerce development stage, at this stage, such as a violent storm, the development of electronic commerce Chinese take cities and seize territory, a trend which cannot be halted; 815 business after World War, marking the development of China e-commerce has entered adulthood less noise, and passion, a little more rational and reflection.

this article, in order to trace the 815 electricity supplier war as a breakthrough point, through the review of the past year, China’s e-commerce event, try to reveal the future development trend of China’s retail industry and China’s e-commerce industry.

a sudden war

August 13, 2012 evening. Suning announced that it intends to raise funds for 8 billion, for the construction of electricity supplier and supply chain. That night, Liu Qiangdong micro-blog released: "tonight, rather baffling excited." Believe that time, Jingdong has plotted the next day’s action. The morning of August 14th, Liu Qiangdong through personal micro-blog directly to Suning Gome attack: "the recruitment of 5000 price information in Suning Gome" and "Jingdong all electric three years zero margin, all the power that is Gome, Suning stores at least 10% cheaper than" a blatant provocation is clearly a time to fight Suning Gome Mongolia, until 4 pm, Li Bincai responded: " price of all products will lower than Jingdong, where the price is higher than the Jingdong, we will be price, and give two times the price of compensation." The next day, the two sides verbal confrontation becomes more and more fierce, "Jingdong all electricity prices than Suning online cheap, if Suning can sell 1 yuan, the Jingdong must be 0 yuan" "shareholder said, in addition to what we have no money, you can rest assured to play it, play to the dead!" and Li Bin the response is always soft but just, "the market competition is not the tongues to put energy into the continue to provide consumers with more cost-effective products and services is king!" is not a positive response to the challenge of Jingdong.

from the extent of the use of skilled media, Suning and Jingdong is not an order of magnitude. The 618 year anniversary of Jingdong, popular micro-blog uniform replaced the Jingdong anniversary of red LOGO, create a great sensation; then in July, the tomato event, with the help of Liu Qiangdong’s privacy, large fry "fresh channels on-line, become a focus. But the situation is clearly beyond expectation, with Gome, Dangdang, Yi Xun joined the battlefield, industry, and society of things and disputes are rapidly warming, slobber war industry, gradually evolved into a social event, and ultimately to the development and Reform Commission to intervene, the thirty strokes and ended.

from the event itself, there is no real loser. After the war, Jingdong