this year, coastal enterprises generally by the labor shortage, power shortage and shortage of money "three shortage" problems, coupled with the rising costs of raw materials such as high impact, small and medium-sized enterprises have rapidly entered the era of high cost operation. According to statistics from the Ministry of national day before the introduction of the first two months of this year, the small and medium-sized enterprise kuisunmian amounted to 15.8%, an increase of 0.3%, the growth rate as high as 22.3% losses. Faced with this grim situation, many small and medium enterprises actively seek more policy and financial resources at the same time, have also launched a self-help action, which by means of information to promote internal management and upgrade accelerated the transformation of enterprise development has become the most effective weapon.

to fine management to profit

Guangzhou Mika electronics is a franchise security monitoring equipment for small and medium enterprises. In recent years, with the sharp increase in operating costs, especially after the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan placed the camera core component price fluctuations for its business has brought a small impact. But even in this case, Mika electronics still stuck down, but also to accelerate the financial, public security, telecommunications, transportation, justice and other high-end industry customer market penetration. For this reason the Mika electronic assistant general manager Luo Shanshan said in an interview with reporters, the differences in the quality assurance and adhere to product quality, personalized and professional at the same time, in the whole management process to strictly control the cost is one of the important means to improve the profit rate of the Mika electron into the "low profit" in the age of electronic security under the background of industry.

, according to Luo Shanshan, "now Mika’s office expenses accounted for about 4% of the total cost of the company, we want a lot of ways in this area, with the most common office equipment printer, we mainly used in print documents, price lists, contracts, advertising design, from several aspects, especially the design and release advertising samples for printing clarity and color reduction degree requirements are high. Previously, we use a laser printer, print a page of paper is probably more than 20 Fen money, now replaced by HP’s commercial inkjet printer after a half of the cost, and energy consumption decreased by more than 80%. This alone we can save more than 1000 yuan per month. Enterprises need such Many a little make a mickle. cost savings."

cloud services to solve labor shortage

for staff costs and recruitment difficulties, Mika also tried to solve the electronic information technology. According to Luo Shanshan introduction, in order to improve the efficiency of employees, the company has made a lot of effort from the office automation. Originally, the company’s sales staff travel sign are in the field to print something back to the Department by the person to receive and print file and then return. But now they use HP Cloud Print function, direct sales to print something to the printer in the mailbox to complete the print job to save the received specialized manpower, improve overall efficiency of the signing of the.

addition, Luo Shanshan also said that for the company’s internal IT maintenance team