July 21st, the eighteenth Dalian International Beer Festival will be a grand opening in Dalian Xinghai square. This beer festival and festival in Munich in addition to the German brand Huarun, Tsingtao Brewery big canopy and other "old face", are the limelight Masamori beer "upstart". It is reported that the network network’s eco-beer Groot Gloryt will debut at the Dalian International Beer Festival, Star Cafe, LETV VR and other cross-border ecological members will join together, let the Dalian beer festival has become cool.


network network global brand "Groot" (Gloryt


Dalian International Beer Festival has always been a "Oriental Munich" reputation, is the largest and most beer brands, taking ginseng wine: the whole industry event, attracting many domestic and overseas well-known beer brands. The Dalian Beer Festival debut "the interior will have a large number of large, LETV ecological lineup, the players, the big star of coffee appeared at the same time. It is understood that even the scene will set up LETV VR (virtual reality) experience egg bin, music as cool1 VR experience with helmet, so that visitors can fully feel the charm of music as eco technology in Beer Festival, many fresh elements to focus on music as ecological experience wine beer festival.

is reported that, during the beer festival in July 21st to August 1st for a period of 12 days, six big Grote beer theme nights will be staged – star night, night football, music as ecology, German night, ladies night, night highlights a lot of happiness. Not only have the most authentic German beer, German woman and German food, more former CCTV famous football commentator Liu Jianhong commentary, many entertainers, mysterious large coffee to help out every show, multi field prize activities kuangsong LETV TV, LETV mobile phone. Imported German beer Grote Gloryt debut will bring a fully and delightfully "drunk German", "drunk ecology", "drunk surprise" beer


as the network network this year focused on creating its own global beer brand, Grote Gloryt since the spring sugar listed way with good quality and stride forward singing militant songs, performance reputation, to establish a stable and good brand image quickly in the competition increasingly imported beer market in import beer brand camp.

Grote Gloryt in the consumer market of the first in the popular network network on the upstream products demanding. Grote Gloryt from Mannheim, Germany by the long history of the Aishibao brewery, in the brewing process to strictly follow the 1516 promulgated the "William 4" pure beer brewing method, quality and taste very characteristic of German origin. Four Grote beer "glory – white wheat beer", "the conquest of black beer", "brilliant black wheat beer", "crazy – strong beer, the original wort concentration from P to 11.4° 16.3° P range, different from the domestic industrialization of beer light taste, flavor, taste, aroma Grote mellow strong, followed the traditional German beer.