news June 27th, billion state power network that NetEase has purchased koala live Betta live sea and pepper live signed a strategic cooperation framework and Huya, electricity and live cross-border marriage.

according to the purchase of the koala sea, and three major broadcast platform from the content production and the promotion of communication and interaction with the fans and marketing, explosion models and reticulocyte incubation, product linkage and other aspects of cooperation, mainly in the following ways:

1 NetEase koala sea purchase will open in the three platform koala studio, global treasure "users can watch a treasure hunt in the studio, the platform will integrate the resources of the


2 will choose the high quality broadcast platform popularity anchors together with purchase to live around the koala sea, Shijie procurement process. For example, the whole platform anchor Huya live auditions in July, the popular talent shows itself will go to Brazil to anchor Olympic merchandise procurement, and have the opportunity and the Olympic Star interaction;

3 in the procurement process, users can communicate by sending a barrage and anchor, you can also specify the anchor purchase their favorite products, and participate in sweepstakes;


NetEase relevant responsible person said that the current growth rate is slowing down the user business platform, to seize the traffic means to grab users from the friends of the retained users at the same time, it has become the key content. NetEase koala purchase will use the integration of live and electricity providers to create new content, the use of fans in the economy and the interactive broadcast to the user to convey the advantages and content of overseas goods, to maximize the user to seize and retain.

According to

July 2015, billion state power network to understand, the main "live +" new global on-line purchase, at the beginning of 2016, with the broadcast of the popular, more and more business platform began to try and live related business. Currently, including the global purchase of Taobao, Feng Shui, such as scouring the sea, including cross-border electricity supplier launched a live feature.