high speed development in the age of the Internet, more and more people have time for online shopping, watching video, watching the news, chat, play games and so on, even before the arrival of the mobile Internet, a variety of fragmentation time was IM, APP occupied, so the traditional enterprises to long-term survival and development, must do the Internet, but the traditional companies involved in the Internet often lack Internet gene, is a more traditional business thinking to the operation of the Internet, its development is difficult, the author analyze the traditional enterprise Internet operation thinking.

1 think there is business shop

is the traditional enterprise, to find a good position, have a certain flow of people, shop decoration, the availability of supply, display of goods, and then find several clerks can be opened, the door will have the business, simple and convenient. So that is the same, on the Internet at Taobao, Jingdong or other development platforms can be settled, shop decoration, stocking, pictures, upload, write the title, then the opening and to buy, but I do not know their own shop in the relatively remote location, users are difficult to find, not to mention the purchase, in the case of Taobao and hundreds of thousands of users to find the shop, it is not so easy, and users have no way to find you, to shop, to spend more time and energy on the Internet, time cost and cost is so low, you can choose to go to other places to buy, so the transaction is impossible.

2 think promotion is not important

is the most important part of enterprise Internet marketing and technical departments, for the electricity supplier, small to a few cents to tens of thousands of large goods, commodities can be sold, so the product is the basic condition, how important is out, how exposure to their own products, but the traditional business of promotion is often not enough attention and that is not very important, or that as long as the person can do, but do not know the promotion is a very high-tech job, a good promotion must be a data analyst, and traditional business shop is not clear or don’t care how many people come to the shop to visit every day, they don’t know where are people, they are part of a few seconds before, male and female, do not know their competitors is what they sell every day, and so on So there is no way to analyze, so that the Internet is not the need to analyze data and promotion.

3 believes that employees can work more than

for small businesses, of course, cost savings, but want to do the Internet, then each job should be done better, rather than just, almost. The above said, the user cost is very low, you do not look at the store, I can go to see other stores, so do the details are very important, but can the position of things is often more complex, not in their development would have been good at direction, it is difficult to make achievements, to save money, in fact, a waste of money and time.

4 to

traditional enterprises to do each other