[Abstract] in order to compete with Square, Amazon made a big cut.

Re/code Chinese station on November 2nd reported

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce site, but in a very popular business and related areas, Amazon has performed quite bad – Mobile payments. According to foreign media reports, Amazon recently paid and receivables business has been a strategic adjustment, small and medium businesses for the collection service is closed, Amazon will expand the third party network payment services.

, according to reports, a few days ago Amazon announced the closure of group buying business, while Amazon has also closed another and small businesses related to the localization of the Amazon Register (Local).


service is launched in the last year, Amazon does not have innovation, but the imitation of Square mobile payment companies, Amazon launched a bank card reader, the user can be inserted in the intelligent mobile phone or tablet computer, which has an easy to use credit card machine.

in the mobile card equipment, Square is the originator of the industry. In order to compete with the company, Amazon made a big price cuts.

But as everyone knows

is all over the world more and more consumers use smart mobile phone to pay, not brush bank card, Amazon launched the imitation of Square, is a do not meet the technical trend of antique products.

in the Chinese market, there are a number of technology companies have launched on the phone card inserted in the bank card or hosted in a convenience store credit card payment tools, but these technologies are gradually eliminated by mobile payment.

Amazon announced that the merchant credit card payment service will be officially stopped in February 1st next year.

while closing this service, Amazon also announced that it will expand the mobile payment business. Specifically to promote the computer or mobile phone APP Amazon third party payment Amazon button".

Amazon has a large number of shopping members, has been launched for third party shopping sites with Amazon account payment. In the future, Amazon will allow external sites or shopping APP, more convenient to use the button to pay Amazon account.

at the beginning of this year, Amazon has closed a mobile wallet service, although the name is "wallet", but the product can not be like Google (micro-blog) as a wallet merchant directly using a mobile phone to pay.

in the mobile payment market, Google, Samsung Electronics, apple, PayPal and other manufacturers to launch a fierce contest, Amazon has been completely marginalized. These mobile payment vendors are supporting shopping sites and client implant payment button.

Amazon was born in the PC Internet era, but in some aspects of mobile Internet products, Amazon has appeared slow motion and outdated concept