Shanghai Jahwa double 11 party exclusive title

Phoenix Science and technology news August 16th news, this morning, Ali’s Tmall mall and Zhejiang satellite TV official contract, which became the 2016 Tmall double carnival night, the official cooperative television platform. At the same time, Shanghai Jahwa chairman and CEO Xie Wenjian confirmed outside, Shanghai Jahwa has obtained 11 party this year two hundred million yuan level exclusive naming rights.

national brand embrace Internet

said the Shanghai Jahwa, may be a lot of people are unfamiliar, but when it comes to its nightfall, must be known to every family. It is understood that the Shanghai Jahwa this year to spend billion yuan exclusive title double 11 party and 11 party in the last two tasted the sweetness is not unrelated.

Double 11

last year, Shanghai Jahwa is one of the first and 11 party Tmall double business cooperation. Data show that Shanghai Jahwa’s all brand (including Herborist, GF, Liushen etc.) exceeded one hundred million yuan in 2015 double 11 total net sales, compared with 2014 11, an increase of more than 300%.

Xie Wenjian said: Tmall 11 carnival night is one of the most interactive content IP, attracting the full participation of young consumer groups. By virtue of its internationalization, super star lineup, high-tech multi screen interactive features, double 11 party is becoming a world famous super IP, which is a unique international platform, Shanghai Jahwa willing to a double 11 party to participate in this historic moment, to participate in the innovation process of the internet."

Tmall double 11 party responsible person also said that the title’s choice in addition to the price factor, while bidding for corporate brand status, market impact and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. Shanghai Jahwa as the leading national brand, a good brand of its precipitation, vigorously promote the whole brand all channel consumer communication model and the concept of Tmall has many similarities.

big entertainment sector double 11 debut

back to the double 11 party content, it is worth noting that the newly established Ali al entertainment sector will be the first big training at this year’s party. It is reported that Ali’s cultural entertainment section in one group (Youku potatoes), Tmall box, small shrimp music, UC headlines, Tmall, High German map client platform, the party will form a linkage broadcast matrix.

Tmall double 11 party relevant responsible person said, "the big boost in the Ali entertainment" section, this year Tmall double 11 party will build more top entertainment resources, introducing the international operation, and create a more interactive subversive imagination.

According to Tmall

2016 double 11 carnival night planner, Ali fish general manager Ying Hong introduction, this year 11 party will not only introduce more international production team and star, will enhance the interactive experience, multi screen interactive mobile phone + TV + live entertainment to further challenge the Internet like >