12.12 will love a purchase "theme wonderful continue, Hao Li constantly! It is reported that from December 10th to 12, the United States will join the online movie" Angelababy "starring Chen micro love and other popular stars, distribute 1 billion 200 million cash coupon envelopes for the user in the double 12 period, and send 3150 free single opportunity" we should love a "double 12 purchase activities to a climax. Today, the 12 big promotion of the final Carnival activities will be officially opened on the three day of December 10th, when the United States will be online for consumers to send what great surprise it?

with expectations Xiao Bian learned from GOME online constantly warm-up activities began to increase promotional efforts, the whole warm-up activities is a huge benefit frenzy. In each venue many new hot explosion models of goods, preferential sustained more awesome! In addition, each big brand manufacturers continue to effort to help out of love in the end. However, most can win the hearts and minds of the consumer but also the number of upcoming activities out of the "3150 free single opportunity," grab bags "and" draw "and other major preferential benefits.


1 billion 200 million cash Red Free grab

warm-up activities from the start, the United States online for consumers free of charge on the 1 billion 200 million cash coupon benefits. Consumers simply relax during the warm-up period of a single full amount to get a large amount of preferential blue coupons, which can be used under the single 11111 yuan discount coupons to use $1212. After obtaining preferential blue coupons, consumers can be used in the December 10th 12 day period, offset the cash to buy the United States online self ice wash, air conditioning, kitchen appliances etc..


3150 free single highest 4999 yuan from

addition, the promotion of the 12 major events in the United States, the United States will also be online for consumers to avoid single welfare. December 10th to 12 day 0 open 50 free single opportunity for consumers only in 0 – 1 points on time orders to buy Gome online merchandise import complete the payment to get free single opportunity to be the highest 4999 yuan, during the event, every day there are thousands of stores launched the first single free activities. It is understood that the free single preferential activities in this year’s double 11 has been hot open. As a result of preferential efforts, the United States in the online double during the 12 offer again, so that consumers enjoy the benefits. So in the double 11 period did not enjoy preferential free single consumers, but to seize this opportunity, 4999 yuan free single Haoli you!

499 yuan single pumping award

In addition to

free single huge benefits, but also Gome online open hot "slot machine draw activity. During the event, consumers with online payment of more than 499 yuan of success can participate in the lottery sweepstakes, winning a prize of $100%. The active page roll out three different products, you can enjoy the 5 yuan cash coupon reward; out of two of the same products, you can enjoy the 1>