[Abstract] in the deletion of "bad review" black industry chain, to modify the poor teacher occupation division is different.


online shopping, because there is no seeing is true, "evaluation" affect the purchase behavior of many buyers. For example, Taobao bought fake and shoddy goods, or the sellers are not satisfied with the service, you may decisively to the seller to a "bad" or "". In order not to affect the business, some sellers will try to "bad review" "comment" to delete. So, after you give a bad comment in the comments shortly after, someone will secretly log in to your Taobao account, you have to give the evaluation before the deletion or change to "praise"". And this kind of person is "professional modification bad judge".

recently, from Hangzhou city of Zhejiang province Binjiang District procuratorate prosecution in Zhejiang province since the first amendment occupation bad teacher case, after the court hearing, the court to the crime of destroying computer information system Li Junjie defendant sentenced to five years imprisonment, the other 4 case were also jailed.

hidden in the poor evaluation of the industrial chain

Li Junjie and other 5 people scattered throughout the country, until the trial in court, most of them only for the first time to meet online. In the revised "bad review" black industry chain, their division is different.

before the incident, Li Junjie in Hangzhou, Binjiang District, a technology company to work. 5 people, he is mainly responsible for the online contact through QQ need to modify the evaluation and poor evaluation of the Taobao seller, to change an evaluation fee of $260.

doesn’t meet each other on the Internet, delete "bad review" process will be Li Junjie and 4 others together: the need to delete bad sellers the buyers of information sent to Li Junjie, Li Junjie put the message to his downline, that is in the city of Guangdong Huang Fu right, Wang Fengzhao, Huang and Wang put the information back to the Jiangxi city public security system work by Hu Rong, he used his position to facilitate buyers to identify the identity information, the information in the price of 15 yuan each to 25 yuan sold to Huang and wang.

Hu Rong to receive buyers identity information, Huang and Wang at a price of 15 yuan each to Hebei Shijiazhuang Dong Wei "PS" ID copy, then copy the price of 45 yuan each sold to Li Junjie. A copy of the identity card of buyers, Li Junjie can use technical means to cheat the identity of the buyer buyers posing as Taobao Taobao account and password reset, finally illegal login Taobao evaluation system to delete or modify the "comments" ".

judgment finds that in May 2011 to a year and a half or so of the year, Li Junjie, a total of modified in the commentary, poor comment 347, profit of 9 yuan more than $. Hu Rong has sold more than 900 messages, profit more than 1.8 yuan.

delete "bad review" what crime is


the existence of a career change judge