news October 24th, although Ali on this year’s double 11 strictly confidential, but received billion state power network sources close to Tmall’s bid, said song or Nakamoto to attend this year’s double 11 Spring Festival gala.

billion state power network learned from the descendants of "the sun" after the explosion of red, after all Song Joong Ki into professor Kim Su Hyon and a popular Asian gold spokesperson, has the endorsement of the vivo mobile phone, cosmetics and domestic brands such as Mark Ed Faye. The Mark Ed Faye as a double last year’s 11 men’s category fourth, as of last year. The local cosmetics fifth, these two brands this year was their category of horse business. The latest 11 Mark Ed Faye broke the spread of the theme of the two, with the promotion of Song Zhongji.



Analysis of

industry said that this year Tmall flagship entertainment and globalization, the double 11 Spring Festival gala will introduce many international stars, as the current red song Nakamoto stars in South Korea, and more than double the 11 core brand endorsement, very fit 11 double spring.

but in August of this year, with a network media broke the administration of radio to the local station ordered the future will not be allowed to all forms of Korean stars appear on television, including TV dramas, movies, entertainment, advertising, has been approved by the not in range. South Korean stars are banned from performing in large venues.

although there is no official ban on the official documents, but the industry have acknowledged that there is indeed a lot of brands and even the replacement of Korean star spokesman. The industry believes that such a ban, Tmall also invited to attend the 11 Spring Festival Gala is double Song Joong Ki, lives at risk, entertainment to death.

it is understood that Song Joong Ki is the highest level within South Korea endorsement fee, about 1 billion won (5 million 500 thousand yuan), the China endorsements is read. Earlier media reports said the endorsement of vivo mobile phone and Song Joong Ki. Cosmetics price was 4 billion 300 million won (23 million 980 thousand yuan) and 6 billion won (34 million 20 thousand yuan).

in the first half of this year, Song Zhongji was hired as the chief fashion officer of FJ men’s clothing for the FJ shooting advertising, while the Mark Ed Faye FJ WeChat public number opened a secondary base Sir line".

Mark Ed Faye sources, the full year 2015, total sales of 750 million yuan Mark Ed Faye network, this year through the deployment of multi category and celebrity endorsements, will bring a new round of sales growth. Data show that in 2015 11 the same day, Mark Ed Faye total sales reached 190 million yuan, exceeding the 180 million target, in the men’s category fourth.

is the first half of the year, domestic cosmetics brands have also signed Song Joong Ki endorsement. In 2015 11. The two local cosmetics brand fifth, in last year’s double 11 all cosmetics sales of 4 billion 700 million yuan accounted for 2.71%, ranking makeup >